5 Fun Facts About Anirudh!

To date, the viral wonder has won 9 south Indian international movie awards as well as a whole slew of other music awards since 2012. Some of Anirudh's greatest hits include "Why this Kolaveri Di" and "Aaluma Doluma". One of the best-selling recording artists of all time, the 28-year-old film composer and singer will perform LIVE in Singapore at Palawan Green, Sentosa! To get you excited for THE BIGGEST INDIAN BEACH PARTY IN SOUTHEAST ASIA! We had to share some facts about Anirudh Ravichander with all you readers... we just had to!

1. Anirudh Actually came up with the tune and lyrics for "Why this Kolaveri Di" in 20 minutes. Yup, in his interview for rediff.com, Anirudh came up with the tune while Dhanush sang the words and ta-da! Anirudh's first viral song was made. Check it out below!

2. While Anirudh's music is magic for our ears, we gotta give him props for his charming good looks too. Winning the Chennai Times Most Desirable Man 2017 poll, Anirudh won't be short of a few lady admirer's. 

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3. Anirudh's music has raked in millions with his recording deal for Sony Music. So to no one's surprise, Anirudh was presented with a multi-platinum disc plaque from Sony. I don't know about you but the plaque looks magnificent.

  4. The ultra-talented Anirudh is not only a music composer but a singer as well. He has sung more than 100 songs and he has even won awards for best singer multiple times. Rumour has it that the magnanimous Anirudh does not charge a fee when he is asked to sing. 

5. Anirudh started composing music when he was just 10. I was still flinging mud in my schoolyard at that age, so much applause to Anirudh for starting young and following his dreams.

An awesome beach party awaits you this 7 September at Sentosa. Catch Anirudh LIVE, get your tickets HERE or just call 91852251 for your tickets!

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