5 "Saavadi" Reasons To Watch Sid Sriram Live In Singapore

Music Concerts happen in Singapore ever so often. Even as a minority community, there is always some show that is happening ever  In all honesty, a significant number of shows that happen in Singapore do have decent production value. But there will be this handful of gems that will come and go. 
one such show is " SID SRIRAM LIVE IN SINGAPORE".

The Voice

Arguably the best voice of this generation and we really mean it. In this day and age, anyone with a decent software and studio can probably pass himself off as a singer. Singing it live, that's a whole new ball game. The first time I heard Sid live was in living area of a hotel room when I first met him in person to discuss my first ever concert, it turned out to be his first ever solo concert, outside of India.  After sorting out the commercial details, I requested if he could sing me a song. Without hesitation, he broke in "Thalli Pogathey". At that point in time, I would not say, I was in love with the song. Part of me, perhaps, felt that it was over-rated. But, hearing it live, his voice was just....  Imagine when you have been underwater for just abit too long and when you rush to the break the surface and you inhale what is in effect breathing life into you, that euphoria, that magical moment. 

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The Venue

It may not be the newest or the biggest of stages. But it is the grandest. The Crown Jewel. Singapore's finest. When I embarked on this journey of doing shows, esplanade was the goal in mind. It took us 2 years to get to that stage and we never want to leave it. There is just something magical about the venue. When my dear friend lulu said that it was his dream to perform on the Esplanade stage, I actually did not get it. But having had the opportunity to stand on that hallowed ground, it did dawn upon me. It is simply majestic.

Keba Jeremiah, Leon James and the Band

While it is usually the vocalist who is the crowd puller, it is definitely the band that lays the foundation for a good music concert. While some playback singers do perform with make-shift bands, this band has toured together with Sid for a considerable time and they are so damn tight. The band is made up of some of the finest musicians from the Country, who could headline shows by themselves.

Local Acts

So, this is my personal favourite part of the entire concert. Those who know my journey will know that the concert is actually a means for these local talents to showcase their art and talent. We aim for a day when our people would respect talent irrespective of where it comes from. We have plenty of talented artistes in Singapore and its about time we embrace them. For this show, we are proud to have singing sensation Nishmen and Sharvesini. Their YouTube video has clocked nearly a MILLION views. Following that will 2 separate performances by Ram and Prem John, who have rocking the underground comedy circuit. Stand-up Comedy is probably one of the toughest art forms, in my opinion. Together they will set you up for the Main Event.

The Cause

We started this journey in March 2016. We staged our first show in July 2016. 2 years later, 5 amazing shows later, we are still here. Our objective has been very simple, to bring quality entertainment to the mass. What we have done in the past 2 years was to take a course in events management and execution. It was painful and it was necessary.  We have made mistakes in the past and we keep learning every day.

We do have a few Crazy ideas in the pipeline and we are open to collaborations of any sort.
" We don't do events. We curate experiences" 

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