What do you know about LOVE?

Love. Marriage. Happiness.
How are these 3 aspects correlated? Is there even a need for these things to come hand in hand. We all know of marriages with no love and happiness. We also know of many love stories, full of happiness that do not choose the path of marriage.

In today’s day and age where increasing of the population still seems to be a struggle, there is a need to look deeper into the struggles behind that problem. For there to be a stable and healthy growth of children, there needs to be a marriage that is fuelled by love and happiness. Or so we think. That is what our human mind is able to propose and conceptualise. However, is that how Artificial Intelligence would tackle this problem?

This Sangae Muzhangu takes on a unique blend of themes – Love and Artificial Intelligence. Love; something that relates to us all, and artificial intelligence; something that we cannot simply avoid in the coming future. Sangae Muzhangu will be taking the audience on a journey which hopes to question what love really is, where it stands in our lives, as well as the growing role of technology and artificial intelligence not just in mechanistic areas of life but in the soft human aspects of life.

These thought provoking themes are to be presented in a very intelligent and humorous manner to keep the audience hooked for the entire 2 and a half hours. The energy filled dances and grand props that are synonymous to Sangae Muzhangu will definitely not fail to impress! This year Sangae Muzhangu celebrates its 20th anniversary and is ready to pay tribute to its many years of legacy with a powerful script and performance.

Being a complete student run production, it is heartening to see that the production has grown leaps and bounds from its humble beginnings to where it stands today as one of the most prominent and consistently held Tamil theatre productions in Singapore. In its strong history, it has taken the production to the Esplanade in 2013 and hit a 2-day full house show at the NUS University Cultural Centre in 2015. From a script that is completely ideated and written out, to actors who are trained from scratch to a publicity team that leads its public outreach, this is the strong effort of a 120 student crew coming together once every two years to keep the flame alive.

This year the show will be held on the 4th and 5th of August at the NUS University Cultural Centre. You definitely would want to catch the show to hear what the students of NUS have to say this time. Category 1 and premium tickets have been sold out for the Saturday show so get your tickets soon to avoid disappointment! Visit bit.ly/sangae17ticket or call 82876817 to get your tickets now!! We hope to see you there!

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