Tamil Concert Gets Cancelled

Its official!  Our next concert which was slated to be held at Captiol Theatre on 8 July 2017 is cancelled. For the benefit of those who have purchased the tickets, here are our reasons. The sales were extremely dismal. While there were plenty who had expressed interest based on our outreach, the interest did not translate into commitment.

We wish to re-affirm that this has nothing to do with the quality nor the talent of the artiste, Karthick Iyer and his band, Indosoul. They are such an amazing bunch of musicians. Its just sad that our people have not yet acquired the taste of such fine music. 

With that, we would like to announce the cessation of the Sarvesh Festival of Arts. As an independent body, it has become increasingly difficult to feature independent music. The majority of our  South Indian people have limited their music parameters to just cinematic music. 

Secondly, South Indian people have grossly undervalued the worth of live entertainment. For some weird reason, we have set a price ceiling for live music. We received feedback that $48 for 2.5 Hours Concert was expensive.  To be honest,  it is possible to price our tickets at the $30 range, but, that would be mean we need a guaranteed audience of 2000-3000 people per show, which is not going to happen, unless you bring in an A Lister,  who would also cost a bomb and make the $30 ticket impossible. 

On the contrary, North Indian people seem to have respect for live entertainment and are willing to pay. This has result in a more diverse arts entertainment scene in recent years for the North Indian community.  

We were quite excited about our homegrown line up for 8 July, we had young 16 year old musical prodigy who was gonna lead a music performance and a female YouTube sensation who was going to perform her debut live performance. 

There also seems to be lack of support within the community of Tamil artistes. Everyone takes pride in their own individual efforts and does not see the need or importance to support fellow aspiring artistes unlike the culture we can clearly see and appreciate from our neighbours in Malaysia.

It has been a fun ride thus far. Thank you to everyone who has been part of this journey. Will we make a return. Time will tell. 
All purchases will be refunded within 7 working days.  We will be contacting you to get your payment details. Thank you.


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