This Ramadan Ad Has The World In Tears!

Singapore, as a cosmopolitan nation, always guards the best interests of its diverse population. Come Diwali, Ramadan, Chinese New Year or Christmas, Singapore lights up in equally fervent celebration. This Ramadan season is no different! With the bustle of Pasar Malaams and the brightly lit streets of Geylang and Paya Lebar, the festivities have created a joyous environment for everyone! Now even service providers and restaurants are bringing the celebrations to their marketing strategies, but here is a video that’s a real tear-jerker: 

This 1 minute 52-second long video ad was first broadcasted on May 14 by McDonald’s. It follows a young McDonald’s delivery rider over the course of a day: from him waking up before dawn for his suhur, the pre-dawn meal, to the hurdles he faces as he’s going door to door all day. From showing him having to climb up several stories to make a delivery to him helping a man fix a broken car, or simply being around friends who are constantly eating, it paints a realistic and poignant picture. But towards the end of the clip, he makes a delivery to a man, who after looking at the time invites him in to break his fast. The combination of the Malay endearing for a younger brother, Adik, and the touching image of the man holding out a happy meal box for them to share truly emulates the spirit of Ramadan that is ubiquitous in Singapore. 

Since then, several tweets showing clips from the ad have gone viral on the internet, with one of them even receiving more than 24,000 likes and 26,000 tweets. The clip on the McDonald’s Singapore YouTube page has also gotten more than 385,000. The massive support and appreciation for this advertisement have even made it feature on prominent social media platforms like The Straits Times and BuzzFeed. 

A McDonald’s Singapore spokesperson told the Straits Times that this ad was developed by the advertising company DDB. The idea behind it was also explained by McDonald’s Singapore’s senior director of marketing and digital innovation, Agatha Yap: “we wanted to celebrate Singapore’s community spirit of human kindness, sharing and togetherness during this Ramadan, and what better way than to do it through the lens of our McDelivery riders- who connect our brand with our customers, door to door.” She also mentioned that this was meant to be a tribute to all those who work to ensure people get their meals and bond with the people while doing so. 

A truly touching video, it perfectly sums up the Ramadan spirit in Singapore today: while everyone works hard, the community spirit and vibrant atmosphere of the country is truly rewarding.

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