Ice House to White House....Near Your House

RJ Balaji is bringing his satirical genius and political intuition to our doorstep, on June 3, 2018! A comedy show set to put everyone under the microscope, from Indian politicians to American ones, Ice House to White House won’t disappoint! The show started from humble beginnings in Chennai, but, now, a successful American tour later, RJ Balaji is ready to bring his talent to the coasts of Southeast Asia. 

The Hindu reports that the show is planned like an awards ceremony, and is based on the Golden Raspberry Awards, which usually takes place the night before the Oscars. In an interview with the newspaper, RJ Balaji also said, “my show goes beyond cinema and looks at people, politics, politicians, society…. anything that has affected us throughout the year.” In his words, the show is set to be relevant for all Tamilians everywhere because they are real issues they experience in any political environment. This is also an important reason why he chose comedy as a platform, as not only does it connect people through relatable experiences, but forces people to listen and pay attention, which wouldn’t be the case if he chose to give a speech, for instance. 

The show is set to be an engaging experience for everyone, as the audience decides the winner of each award category and also has to participate in the show through song, dance, or banter on stage. It is an improvised affair where anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute, provide solutions, and see beyond surface-level problems. It is because of this intention that he hopes his show reaches everyone, including politicians themselves. 

As the name suggests, RJ Balaji is not a conventional standup comedian as he is a radio jockey by profession. Apart from this, he has also dabbled in cricket commentary and the entertainment industry. So when The Hindu asked him about what his show can be categorized as, he replied: “People have given me a personality. And, I have a responsibility. At most shows, there is a standing ovation at the end. In my show, there is an awkward silence. I don’t want people to laugh, have fun, and go away. That silence is my moment of making people think.” 

RJ Balaji is bringing his lively personality and quick quips to REX Carnival Cinemas, REX Golden Mile Towers, Beach Road at 7:15 PM on June 3, 2018. You can purchase tickets online here, and use the promo code GURU for added benefits! We strongly recommend for you to purchase Category 3 tickets to milk the maximum benefit from our PROMO Code.


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