5 Reasons Why Shopping is Actually Good For You

There are few things that give you greater satisfaction than shopping. Men may not agree. Women will furiously agree. What men do not realise that, is that they will love shopping if they get the chance to do it. Chances are they are only allowed to do the spending part of the process. We give you 5 awesome reasons why shopping is extremely important.  We also present to you some of our featured sellers.

1. Focusing on Yourself
At every stage of life, our life is hardly alone. Most of us barely even go through a day without doing something for another person. Relationships, family, friends. For those who don't have that, we are usually pre-occupied with work. For the unlucky few, you probably spend more time on your boss's life than your own.  When was the last time you had the chance to converse with yourself and check in with yourself. The most common phrase that we use in life is probably " how are you? ". When was the last time you asked yourself  the same question. Shopping allows you to think about yourself and nothing else. while such selfish behaviour is not healthy in large doses, it is absolute important to lead a fulfilling life.

2. Ownership

In life, nothing gives us greater happiness than the feeling of winning or succeeding.  While buying a pair of heels is necessarily not the same as winning a gold medal at the Olympics, but it does involve a similar feeling where you feel in control of yourself. Remember the day when you wore a new pair of shoes for the first time. Your strides are confident. You feel like armstrong, where every step is a giant leap for mankind. Its the power of ownership.   #LikeABoss


3. Physical Fitness
Its an excuse that females love to use. Let me do one better to substantiate this alleged myth with proof.  The following video is enough to show that shopping / trying out new clothes is the first step to be a Kung Fu Master.  Don't look at me. Even dear ol' Jackie thinks so.

4. Your role in global economy

Our parents may have preached to us about the perils of spending and the need for saving. Most of us would think of diamonds and De Beers when we think of the world's marketing gimmick. At least with diamonds, it may not have a resale value like a rolex or gold, but it still contributes to self worth.  I think the bigger gimmick is what banks managed to pull off. Convince man that his money is safer with another person. 

But seriously, if we stopped spending, the economy will collapse. So, shopping is not just a selfish pursuit. It is a national duty.


5. Understanding the Global Trend

In 2016, if you spot someone in bell bottoms or lady wearing shoulder pads, it could only mean that either the person has gone back in time or probably has not shopped in decades.  Do not get me wrong, I am not advocating conformity to major trends.  You can still wear your leopard prints. But it is important to know where the rest of the world is at as well. You really do not want to get left behind


In line with that, we would also like to invite you to therapeutic day of shopping at Suntec City Convention Centre this Sunday, 28 May, at Level 3 Concourse. You may ask yourself the uniqueness of this event compared to your neighbourhood shopping mall. Our vendors are carefully selected and predominantly online sellers. Its for ONE DAY ONLY. 

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