Muralidharan Pillai: Probably Singapore's most unAH-MUsing Indian

Neither the author nor this post nor this website is anti PAP.  Our political believes are pragmatism and pro Singapore. With that said, let us just focus on the follow statement,

We, the citizens of Singapore,
pledge ourselves as one united people,
regardless of race, language or religion, 
to build a democratic country,
based on justice and equality, 
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity
and progress for our Nation.


I, for one, sincerely believe in our Pledge. They are not mere words. The pledge sums up my Singaporean culture and my identity.  I have nothing against Muralidharan Pillai. He does come across as a sincere and hard working man who will be adequately efficient in dishing out appeal letters for carpark summons in his weekly Meet-the-People session (MPS).

[Ed Note: We do recognise that role of the Member of Parliament is more than just the MPS and we thank them for their undivided attention towards municipality issues and their vociferous conduct in Parliament]

But when Mr Pillai decides to go public with his pet name "Ah Mu", I could not help but to wonder if this is a ploy to endear himself to the Chinese population. Does he need to shed his Indian identity to achieve that objective? Does he feel  that his race is a hindrance in connecting with the Chinese majority?

Where Chinese pet names are concern, I do know a thing or two about them, considering that I used to go by the moniker "Shuai Ge". If Ah Mu was indeed real, where was Ah Mu in the General Elections 2015. Perhaps when he was standing to compete in Aljunied GRC,  Murali was important. Whereas in  a SMC,  Murali cannot stand alone, he needs Ah Mu with him.

Its such a pity that the name 'Murali' is a beautiful Indian name and means "flute" in English and is another name of the Hindu God, Krishna. Going by the previous General Election results, this will election will be a stroll in the park for Ah Mu. I highly doubt Dr Chee's impact will actually translate into votes.

Photo Courtesy of TNP

Perhaps, this has already caused me to view Ah Mu with skepticism. His video with V. Sundramoorthy just seemed like a publicity stunt. They grew up in the same estate and they were meeting after a long time, as mentioned by Sundram himself. This just seemed like Ah Mu trying to take advantage of his acquaintance with a true Singaporean icon. A sad day for friendship, indeed.

I cannot wait for his maiden speech in Parliament. Would it be in Mandarin? Would he introduce himself as Ah Mu?  We shall wait and see.


[Ed Note: We do Invite Mr Pillai to make a statement to clarify this. It would be nice of him to rectify any possible misconception we may have. We are sure that the above opinion is shared by many Indians in Singapore]


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