In the Spotlight: Kiran Patel

How did your interest in acting begin?
I was interested in acting since my childhood days. It was very natural to me. During those days, I used to perform mimicry based on the people around me and from scenes from old movies.

How was your acting journey in India?
After finishing my masters,  I was working  and did some small scale projects. Before I could land anything substantial, I had  to move to Singapore with my husband.

Did your move to Singapore affect your journey?
The move to Singapore surely affected  my acting career. Everything was new to me and I needed to settled down. I could not find any opportunity to develop my acting career considering Indians are a minority in Singapore compared to where I came from. I decided to use my skills in a different way started  GODIVA SPA  but my love for acting always there.

I firmly believe in the  proverb, where is a will there is always a way.
One day I received a Singapore Health Promotion Board advertisement Project with my daughter. It was very good break for me in Singapore.

I also took part in Pageants where I enjoyed some success. I even received the opportunity to judge pageants. I was also nominated for queen of substance/ woman of substance award. These achievements have impacted my life positively and boosted my career. 

We heard that you had a role in the Channel 5's Tanglin. Tell us about your experience.
Yes. When Tanglin  was about to start, I got a chance to appear, albeit,  on very small scale. It was wonderful experience to know the cast and  their working style.

What made you join the acting work shop and what did you gain from it?
I always wanted a Certificate in acting and theatre as I wanted to be a trained actor and wanted to get an opportunity by merit and not by chance and  luck.  I do believe that acting the knack for acting is something that a person is born with but training will definitely help an actor prepare for any role. 

I came across the  reputed Anupam Kher's Workshop in Singapore and I decided to join them. After joining them, I came to know that they have excellent mentors who are well known actors and students of National School of Drama and Anupam Sir himself. In their workshop student presentation I got  the chance to play the lead role and it was well received. 

Tell us about your role in the upcoming play.
My Role in the upcoming play is totally different from the roles i have done in the past. I am playing P.A to the Lead with twist and turns in it . My role will be adding much spice to the entire play and i am very excited to perform this challenging role. 

Why should one watch the play?
I believe theatre artists are the backbone of the  acting industry where many superstars has come from theatre,  Every one should support theatre and should watch the play.Lets keep each GREAT actor Alive.

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