How "Dance Singapore Dance" Changed My Life, feat. Nurul Deena

How did dance begin for you?

When I was young, my family had the habit of watching Bollywood films. I was always enamoured by the dance sequences in the films. I did want to want join Indian dance in Primary School but I ended up in Malay Dance because my friends joined Malay dance and I was too shy to leave them and join Indian dance.

It was only in Secondary School, my sister introduced me to Master Anil, when I started taking up Bollywood Dance classes.

Considering your background is in Bollywood dance, its only natural you would join Dance Singapore Dance?

To be honest, I did not want to join the competition. I am a shy person by nature. It was my teacher, Master Anil, who pushed me to join the competition. I have taken part in Dance Competitions as part of a group, but never on an individual level. This was my first time.

I guess I was sold by the opportunity that Shakthi Mohan would be there and  the opportunity to learn and improve.

How was your journey?

It was good. But it was definitely tiring as well. Balancing work and shoots was tough. Time management was a real obstacle. Sometimes, you have to perform duets. You then have to manage your time with your partner.

How has DSD helped you in terms of your personality and character?

I have definitely overcome a few fears. I am not shy anymore. DSD has helped me break that barrier. I have met many new people. DSD has helped me improve in many ways. Firstly, I have broadened by network. I have met many dancers who have allowed me to experience their style and art form. For example,  I learnt Freestyle from Ashraff. Shahrin introduced contemporary to me. DSD has also given me a platform to showcase my talent. I have tried attending Hip-Hop , Salsa etc.

Why should you join DSD?

Firstly, to showcase your talent. You definitely get to learn from your fellow contestants. The mentors will be a great boost to your learning.


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