Do You Want To Up Your Game?

Have you ever felt dissatisfied with any aspect of your life? Have you ever wished for a different outcome or result?  I am sure everyone of us would be able to relate to that. What do we all do when such a situation arises? As true blue Singaporeans, we complain and we are probably bloody good at it.

One thing we fail to realise is that the outcomes and results that we deal with in our lives are the consequence of our OWN actions. Suffice to say, if we do not change the way we function or work, it is simply futile to expect a different result. If you sincerely want a different result in life, then, its about time you UP YOUR GAME.

Changing habits or the way you function will not be easy but it can get easier when you surround yourself with people who also believe in improving themselves.

"Up Your Game 2016" is a personal development community to get involved, connect, converse and learn in a conducive and accessible setting. They hold monthly meet-ups with sharing sessions from people. 

I attended one for the first time yesterday and there was so much I learnt from the people. The stories of people who have struggled to attain their dreams and the way they overcome their respective hurdles. 

If anything at all, Up Your Game provides you an opportunity to surround yourself with people with positive energy and people who are there to make the best out of life. Last night, I heard the story of  a musician and a photographer share their journey which was fueled by passion alone.

Their struggles, the dark days they faced, the moments when they nearly succumbed. They are living testimonies of what one can achieve if you really put your heart and soul to it. I also found myself in the company of an author, a beauty queen, a thespian, an insurance agent among many others. We all shared one thing in common. We believed in investing and improving ourselves
Regardless of what your background is, I highly recommend this for anyone who is serious about making a positive change in your life. We will be featuring the next session in our Events Page and the best part is that it is completely FREE to attend. No hidden charges at all.

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