RMajeztic Acoustic Band - Opening Act for Hariharan Live in SG

RMAJEZTIC ACOUSTIC BAND Will be performing live for the opening of Padmashree Hariharan's show on 29th and 30th march.

RMajeztic has a combination of various singers who's capabilities encompass both the northern and southern styles of singing. They do various concerts in Singapore and provide the best quality of music through the different genres catering to every show.

The band leader Ravin Raj is a semi classical singer who does international Ghazal and devotional concerts in countries like USA, India, New
Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, South Africa etc. He performed for Pankaj Udhas a famous Ghazal singer in 2012 in Singapore He has also worked with the Sarvesh Festival  of Arts for Mitra 2k18 in Singapore.

Other band members are as follows.
Lavanya Sampath, a trained Carnatic Musician who has bagged accolades for her singing. She continues to successfully perform in Carnatic concerts and explores Carnatic fusion compositions with her band and  other Indian music genres on national television, radio and live shows. She was also a finalist for Sa Re Ga Ma Pa in the 90s.

Vidya Guduru is a trained classical vocalist with a keen interest in performing 'filmi' music and other forms such as bhajans. She has performed at various local arts venues & events such as at the Esplanade, Kallang Theatre, and various shows under the Sarvesh Festival of the Arts banner like Mitra 2K18. She has also performed on Singapore's local TV channel Vasantham.

SHARON SHOBANA has won 6 competitions and 2nd Runner Up on Vasantham Star, Singapore's popular Tamil entertainer hunt. She also creates her own singles and performs in shows.

Shruthi Sreeram is a classically trained singer from Chennai now living in Singapore. Apart from classical music and bhajans she sings Bollywood and Kollywood songs.

Kubaren Algasamy has been singing since he  was 7 years old. He has performed on many stage and TV productions. Trained mostly in Western vocal, he explores several genres of music and applies his own trademark to his performances.

M.Sivakumar Pillai, began his musical journey at the age of 7. He took up vocal lessons at Singapore Indian Fine arts Society from the vocal tutors as well as Indian classical violin. He also took up Hindustani Ghazals for a short period to infuse more flavour in his music. He has performed on Vasantham and a couple of stage shows.

Elijah Matthew, the drummer, has been drumming since the age of 13. His heart belongs to rock, funk, blues rock, indie, and folk.

Abdul Aleem, the keyboardist, has played in various shows,recordings and albums. He even played with the Music and Drama Company whilst serving National Service.

Tharenii Muniandy is a self-taught guitarist, composer and metalhead. he has played multiple genres live on various stages including both theater and concerts.

Vinod Dass, the bass guitarist, has been part of the local music scene for more than a decade, playing venues like Fort Canning, National Arts House. He teaches music as well as records local acts when he is not performing.

Nayan Upadhyay is a tabla player from the UK, who specializes in devotional and semi classical Indian music

Do come on down and catch this band live on 29th and 30th March as they open for Hariharan. Book your tickets today at www.sargam.sg today!

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