Rang De Holi (Kembangan)

Rang De Holi (Kembangan) is back this 2019! The Biggest Colour Festival in Singapore has an amazing line up of artists for you on 23rd March at Kampong Kembangan CC.

Starring DJ SEWAK on the deck. DJ Sewak is all about making the crowd have time of their life. When he gets on the deck, his only agenda is to get you on your feet. His passion for music has made him one of most loved DJ’s in Singapore. With his popping Bhangra and Bollywood Beats, he has rocked Rang De Holi before and he will do it this 23rd of March.

They also have ALVIN G on board and Alvin G isn't a new face to Rang De Holi! He has showcased his skills in previous Rang De Holi Kembangan events. He definitely knows how to rock the party with his great taste in music. Hear him live and dance to the Beats on 23rd March at Rang De Holi Kembangan.

Also performing is DJ G2 on the decks. Awesome or good will be an understatement when it comes to DJ G2. He have been in the Music industry for more than a decade. DJ G2 never fails to entertain the crowd with his jaw dropping beats. On MIC Duties will be MC Kushal. The energetic and the versatile. One of the greatest entertainers in Singapore.

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