Rang Barsay 2019

RANG BARSAY 2019 is back with a bang!

With an increasing number of party goers over the past decade and 6000 attendees at their last bash in 2018, the party only gets bigger and better this year!

This festival assures you of an amazing time with friends and family. Groove to fantastic music from from the 3 stellar DJs as well as a top notch Dhol group that this festival has lined up for you while the burst of colours takes things to a new universe altogether.

Watch and join in as the pool, sandpit and cocktail tables turn into dance floors for the party goers. If you’re in luck the skies may part and offer you the chance at a rain dance too!

This massive colour festival held at Wavehouse Sentosa will see you dancing, bopping and raving at the electrifying music played by DJs. Expect water, champagne and vodka showers for the rain dance, and all for $20!

Get your tickets to the biggest spring colour festival on the beaches of Singapore now! Details in the poster below.

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