Father Rescues Baby Daughter from Locked Car

A three-month-old baby girl was rescued by her father after she was locked in their white BMW for 20 minutes. This happened in the carpark behind Holland Village Market & Food Centre. 
According to Chinese newspaper Lianhe Wanbao, the baby was locked in the BMW after her maid accidentally closed the only door which was open and triggered the car's auto-lock function.
When this happened, the baby's parents had gone for a test drive and had left the car keys with their maid. The maid, after placing the baby in the back seat of the car, had placed the keys in a bag on the front seat. She accidentally knocked into the open door while folding the baby pram.
The parents, upon returning to the car and seeing what has happened, were reported to be running around screaming for help. Passers-by sought assistance from a locksmith but he was unable to help.  The father tried to break the car window with a bat but it was to no avail, according to Ms Huang, a florist at the wet market.
Upon hearing about the incident, Ms Huang's younger brother retrieved a hammer from his shop and lent it to the father, who used to smash the front door window.  

Ms Huang also mentioned: "He wanted to break open the back door window. Thankfully, passers-by told him that he could hurt his baby and he broke the driver's window instead."


One thing to be seen from this incident would be how the father only managed to rescue his baby daughter so quickly (even before the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)) arrived on the scene because of help from passers-by.

These passers-by chose to take action and help out in whatever ways possible. Without their help, it is unlikely that the father could have rescued his daughter the way he did.

In fact, without the passers-by helping him out, the father might have injured his daughter in his frantic attempt to rescue her.

Firstly, it was a passer-by who lent him the hammer which was able to break open his car window, when the bat he used was unable to.
Secondly, it was also yet another passer-by who advised him to break the drivers's window rather than the back door window (which he almost did) because that would have caused injuries to the very child he was trying to save in the first place.
The passers-by saved a little girl from getting injured by offering their help and advice to the panicked father. In their own way, perhaps without realising, they made a positive difference to people's lives.
Now, everyone, imagine if all of us were as proactive to help others in need when we see a situation where someone needs help. Accident victims could possibly be rescued by an ambulance sooner. Pickpockets would be caught more quickly. Anyone who falls ill while travelling on public transport could be saved more quickly too. And the list goes on.
Basically, never think that it has to be officials/bigger parties who have to be the heroes; the saviours. If we all did our part to help people in need around us, we could all be heroes. 

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