Mocha 2017: A NTU TLS Production

NTU Tamil Literary Society boasted a line-up of performances on 18th February 2017, at it’s home ground Nanyang Auditorium, surrounding the universal abstract - Love and War.

While stringing various dances through a single storyline is the common approach taken to present the cultural arts, MOCHA offered 11 different items - dances, dramas and band performances - gelled together with the theme of Love and War. The line-up offered an intense first half and a more lighthearted second half after the interval.

The opening act, Mark of Man, which was quite blatantly english, questioned the existence of and hence the validity of the differences for which Mankind has been at loggerheads with one another for. Following that, Kaathalvaasi explored many superficial layers of love in a relationship, and pushed its boundary a little by presenting on stage a sham marriage that a couple plan so as to be able to live with their gay and lesbian partners. In similar light, Kanmani was a dance-drama that spoke of a transgender’s love story. The band also staged an item in the name of Pain of Loss - a tribute to the refugees and their situation across the globe.

One performance that strongly resonated with the predominantly Indian audience was one that adapted the Indian epic Mahabaratham and shone a different light on Panchali, in her new found circumstances of the 21st century that included a brutal rape, a gossiping aunty, an overprotective mother and a woman who herself lacked self-confidence. Many in the audience, especially the younger generation of women, felt connected to Dushyasana Within.

It is noteworthy that  MOCHA 2017 was put together by many first-time directors, choreographers and band creative personnel. Many of them who headed the individual items were very new to the job scope of their selected field. MOCHA 2017 saw many dancers sign for the first time, many dancers direct and act for the first time and singers dancing for the first time. The technical team, that saw through the entire 4 hour show, was also new to the whole “lights, sound and action” cue but did their best in ensuring a good show.


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