Experience University Life For A Day

We live in a day and age where it is really commonplace for students to attain a degree. Yet the Cohort Participation  Rate as of 2015 remains a miserable 32%.The rate refers to the percentage of students for each batch that make it to public funded universities.

The unfortunate consequence of this statistic is that it translates into a mindset of unattainability where most students are concerned, that they do not even set public universities as a goal when they are younger. 

Many years ago, I was a camp facilitator for a program that involved lower secondary school children. One of the objectives was to expose and educate them on the various education paths that lay ahead of them. It was an eye-opener  to realise that a significant number of students had already closed certain doorways because they seemed impossible.

The difference between an education in a public-funded university ( the likes NUS/NTU/SMU etc) and private education is real especially if you harbour any hopes of breaking into civil service for one. As much as we move towards an economy where employers are looking beyond your formal education, the origin of your paper qualification still matters to most.

For those of you with younger cousins who are in Junior Colleges, Polytechnics and especially those in ITEs, this is one opportunity that they should not miss. The Singaporean education system is harsh. Most students lower their expectations because they have failed once and do not want to again. The future of this Nation depends on the youth of this generation. We need our youth to be fearless. They need to dream and DREAM BIG.  Do sign up any post secondary student that you know.
Kudos to SINDA YOUTH CLUB for yet another relevant exercise for our community.


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