Concert Organiser Makes A Shocking Decision on the Eve of the Show

My name is Thinesh Kurunathan and this is with reference to tomorrow's Sarvesh Rock Festival: Thaikkudam Bridge.

Before you make any wild assumptions, let it be stated for the record that THE SHOW IS ON. By the time you are reading this, Thaikkudam Bridge, would have already landed in Singapore and would gearing up for the probably the best ever Indian live concert staged in Singapore, alongside our homeboys Akshara  (band), Shaman  (band), Sivanesh Pillai (DJ) and Flow (freestyle rapper).

Yes, Singapore has already seen Anirudh, D.Imman and most recently, SPB live in action. So, what could possibly top all of that.  Well, this show will. Clearly humility isn't one of my stronger traits, despite the irony of my current situation. 

We have decided to offer 1-1 offer for the $68 and $98 categories. Yes, you heard it right. Two for the price of one. If the offer screams desperation, that is exactly what this is. We want and need more people to come for this amazing show. 
Where it Began

A year ago, during my 30th birthday party, I made a public announcement about my decision to organise concerts. Tomorrow would be third concert that myself and my team of friends have put up in this past year. It has been extremely  lonely year to say the least. I never had the desire to even do this. Even now, I question myself as to why I ventured on this path. 

Since I started The Guru Project 3 years ago,  which is actually an idealistic naive attempt to integrate the increasingly divergent Indian community in Singapore, it was difficult to ignore the lack of support for emerging independent artistes in Singapore. Just as how cinema has a clear superior status in India, unless, you have the support of mainstream media, it is an uphill battle in Singapore. [Note: Let me be clear that this not a jibe against any media artiste. This is merely an observation from my numerous conversations with emerging artistes. Its about the system.]

In an attempt to showcase our homegrown  talent, I launched the SARVESH banner with my partner Saravanan. We attempted to find the balance between authenticity and commercialism by focusing on one aspect alone: TALENT.  I chose to use that as the main measure of worth as opposed to popularity and fame.  I expected our people to rally behind the very foundation that this Country is based on: Meritocracy. 

To be honest, I am eternally grateful to the handful of people who have supported us without fail and would probably do so because of what we represent.  I know who you are and you will always hold a special place in my heart. On the flipside, we have heard plenty of feedback about our show and we do actually listen and take feedback seriously.

First and foremost being PRICE. 
Let me get the ball rolling by saying that our pricing is not expensive. People need to understand that the cost of staging a show in Singapore is real. We are the most expensive city in the world. The cost of renting a mike or a speaker remains the same even if an Indian singer uses or  someone from Guns N Roses  uses it.

Let me tell you what is expensive. The close to $300 chivas bottle you get your Indian nightclub, that is expensive. But that has become acceptable. Our people have seemed to set a certain "acceptable price" point for live music entertainment, that they are willing to settle for mediocrity in terms of quality. Perhaps all our people need in life is the regular CC show where you pay about $20.  We really are a community that has taken the arts for granted. 

​When your project budget is $150,000 and you expect about 1000 people to attend and long gone are the days of cash sponsorship, how else do you expect to price your tickets, if you want to survive.

This Band Sings Malayalam songs.
So, since when has the patriotism for our Tamil Language been so strong that we started rejecting other languages. Surely, it cannot be because of the upcoming Tamil Language Festival. Isn't music supposed to transcend languages? I cannot recall the last time I attended a wedding between two Tamilians who were not dancing their way to a Bollywood number.

I guess that is alright. Do you not realise that this is THE band that has performed one of, if not, the very best performance  of the Maestro 
​Ilayaraja's hits. [not the best time to use him to make my point considering his recent issue with SPB]
But bearing in mind the feedback that we have received, we have discussed with the band and they have graciously agreed to alter their set list to suit a predominant Tamil crowd.
​ ​

Sick of Hearing "We Support You Bro ! Keep on doing this!"
I'd rather you tell me " Thinesh, don't waste your time. Nobody gives a damn about talent and art, that too local ones.".​ At the very least, let's keep it real. The sad truth is that, support needs to be accompanied with action. Since I started this, everyone has only nice words to say. It is honestly heartwarming. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that is not enough.  If you do claim to support what we do, the only way you can show your support is via a purchase of tickets. 
The non-existent culture of  mutual support. Is the "Nandu Kathai"  for real
The hypocrisy of our own artistes is too obvious not to be ignored. Part of the reason why we made it a point to include homegrown talent in our line-up without fail was to create a network of talent and support. We have featured close to 100 homegrown emerging talent in our journey. But when they themselves don't make it a priority to support other homegrown talents, I cant help but question why I am doing this in the first place. 

To anyone who feels that this is a last-ditch, desperate effort to earn increase ticket sales, ​you are absolutely right. But this is not to line my pocket to make a deposit for a Condominium as I have heard before. Till date, we have not profited a single cent from our endeavour. I still stay in a 1 room flat with my parents and I still sleep in the living room.  I  just want to give this one last shout out to see if our community is worth the effort.

​I have heard so many reasons as to why people cannot make it for Saturday's show. Don't get me wrong. I do respect people's choices and commitments. To be honest, its all a matter of priority.  People seem to think that live music concerts are a lavish aspect of life.  Imagine a life without music. Picture it. The magic of live music has the ability to mend the soul. Give us a chance and yourself  one too. 

Our incoming ticketing funds are  collected at POSB Saving Account 010 488 770. I would implore you to buy a ticket ( well, you get 2 now, for the price of 1) or I will entertain any contribution to our efforts. We will reward you with  a seat at our next show, if you really cannot make it tomorrow. But do text me before you make any such contribution. We would  need your contact details.

This last minute offer may anger someone who has already purchased tickets.  You may feel that you have been shortchanged. Staying true to our ethos of being fair,  all existing ticket holders are entitled to bring another person at no extra cost. I just want this journey to be sustainable and not disappear. So, do use this opportunity to bring along another friend. If you still are unhappy with my decision, I will be more than happy to speak to you when we meet tomorrow. 

For those who  do see some sense in my point or a purpose in my journey, do share this post and more importantly, make it a point come for the show tomorrow. Call 9185 2251 for your tickets now.

If you still need a reason to come down tomorrow, do it for AKSHARA, SHAMAN, SIVANESH PILLAI and FLOW. They definitely deserve all the support.

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