Stepping into yoga

Yoga has been heavily trending and getting heaps of lime light on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube by many health conscious individuals especially so in the last 5 plus years.

According to 2015 Google trends report Singapore is right up there, coming in second to Canada and followed closely by the United States in 3rd place when it comes to regional interest in Yoga.

As part of our extremely health conscious society, Yoga has definitely peaked the interest of the average Singapore.

So what is Yoga? Is it slow? Will I even sweat? Is it all about meditation? Do I need to be flexible? Will hot yoga help me lose weight? Do I have to stand on my head? Well the questions are never ending, even with the copious amount of information that can be found on Guru Google. Brothers, sisters, friend and family from all shapes of lives have doubts about this ancient form of exercise.

Yes, yoga is a form of exercise; you exercise your mind through meditation to keep it sharp, clear and less cray cray. You exercise your body through asana or poses to keep it flexible and agile.

In the yoga world, you often hear more cannot than can. This is mainly due fear and Shilpa Shetty’s amazing yoga bod. Eventually these cannot become how can I go deeper and further with my practice.

If you feel stressed, your mind is unstable and you need some focus, why not try some simple yogic breathing techniques, which can help with calming the mind.  If inflexibility is the concern, why not pop in a Hatha yoga class to improve on flexibility.  If cardio or breaking a sweat is what you need then try a Vinyasa Flow or Astanga yoga class to get that heart rate pumping.

One of my favourite Astanga practitioner once said that ‘if someone say’s they cant do yoga cause they aren’t flexible, does that mean they won’t shower cause they are dirty. Yoga is to improve and increase flexibility for both the body and mind.

No matter what class you attend, at the end of every yoga class you lie still in Savasana (Corpse pose) and take ‘it’ all in and let ‘it’ all go at the same time. ‘It’ is what you can get out of practicing yoga or even maybe at your next yoga class.

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