Millenia Motion Pictures Deliver an Absolute Gem of a Telemovie: Ambika

If there is one thing that can melt every Indian man's heart, its the 'Mother Sentiment'.  On the flipside, making any joke about someone's mother will also unleash the Bruce Lee in him. ( Yes, Bruce Lee is Indian. See below pic for confirmation or watch 7am Arivu for further confirmation)
Having that in mind, I was pretty much anticipating a tearjerker with the usual  predictable emotional drama.

While the customary tears ( hmmm.. Grown man can cry too) and emotions were present, this was nowhere near predictable. I absolutely loved the story.  This movie struck a chord with me in more ways than one.  Firstly, when you have main character in a film with your name, you do get drawn into the movie. Everytime the mother character uttered the son's name, I felt goosebumps. Mdm Kokila, who played the titular role of the mother, was brilliant.

She was living epitome of love. It was impossible for any son not to love her acting in this film. I have seen her act on many occasions, including the joke of a drama that airs on Vasantham at 10pm ( Complete waste of time). In my opinion, this was one of her best performances. In true Indian fashion, her acting in Ambika was 'pakka'.

The real surprise was the kid who was the central character in the film. He was impeccable. His performance was mind blowing. The intensity and control that he expresses on screen shows maturity beyond his age. This boy is a natural when it comes to acting. It made total sense when I read the credits and did  some snooping on social media. He is none other than the son of acclaimed actor, Elias Mikhail.
Father and Son in Real Life
A mother's day telemovie  basically celebrates the  unconditional love every mother has for her child. I was extremely impressed that the story focused on an issue that we tend to ignore and forget. The story was about the love a mother has for her foster child. Those who are close enough to me will know that I have always wanted to adopt my first child. As such, Ambika was special to me. This movie was more than just about  a mother's love. It was about relationships. The bond between siblings was shown beautifully.
‚ÄčOn-Screen Siblings 

I was also pleased that the team also highlighted the crucial role child protection officers  play in a child's life. For most of us, we see our work as a means to end. Only the lucky few actually enjoy their work. Then, there are the special ones who spend the life serving to help others. A special thanks to Yahssir and his team for highlighting their role.

If there is one thing that I have learnt from the inception of The Guru  is the fact that we are a talented nation. We have always looked to artists and celebrities from India as benchmarks. When you watch this film and listen to its music, you will realise that it is world class. Special mention to the DOP (Gopal) whose execution is flawless and Siva Saravanan whose music is absolutely exquisite. It is easily one of the best songs ( Aarariraroo )I have heard in a while. I really loved the execution of the sequence on the basketball courts. Any sports scene in Indian movies have always turned out to be joke. Perhaps, its time we start setting benchmarks of our own.
For those who haven't watched this work of art, you can catch it @ toggle.

Ambika - Toggle
Dinesh is taken under the care of authorities after his mother is deemed unstable to take care of him. A temperamental Dinesh moves from one foster home to another and ends up in Ambika's home. Will she be able to take care of him and make him learn about family and unconditional love?

For those who have,  remember to share this article with someone who may not have watched this excellent movie. If we do not do our part to spread the word about our special talents, who else will? Its more than just a favour that you are doing for these artistes. Its your duty as an audience.

Thinesh Kurunathan
The Guru Project
[Ed Note: Special thanks to Yahssir for showing us that Saravanan Ayyavoo is capable of smiling when he is acting. After years of ASP Siva's presence on Vasantham, we actually thought it was perhaps physically impossible for Sara to smile while he acts... Owell.. we have been proven wrong, as always...]

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