Madhavan Scores A Knockout

I was still recovering from the crap of a  Tamil movie titled RajiniMurugan  that I watched 2 weeks ago so I was rather subdued as I walked into the cinema hall.

Madhavan's latest film knocked me out cold. I haven't been that impressed in a while. From start till end, this film will continually challenge various perspectives and opinions that may have been etched in your life, especially if you are an Indian male. The first voice you would normally hear in an Indian film would be the the mandatory warning against smoking and alcohol consumption and that voice belongs to a male in every other film. Well, this is not just another film.

Both Kollywood and the Indian community are probably stuck in the Jurassic Age where gender equality is concerned. As a person, I have always tried to be a feminist. The notion that a 'proper' woman is one that isn't a tomboy, doesn't use vulgarities (usage of Tamil vulgarities is apparently more distasteful than the English counterparts), cannot smoke or drink is something I have encountered far too often.  Trust me when I tell you this, being an Indian has sometimes forced me to be a closet feminist in certain social settings.

This Indian film managed to slap my conscience and remind me of those times where I just conformed when men laughed out aloud about the wife or the bae needing a slap, or allowing her to do something, pretty much like she is his property.

The movie is not perfect and couple of the bits in the sub-plot were unnecessary  (sisters) and some could have used more screentime (Radharavi and Madhavan). Apart from that, I thought this film was an absolute gem. To be honest, it is hardly a surprise considering the strength of team.

Where direction and cinematography is concerned,  it cannot get any bigger than Mani Ratnam and PC Sreeram.  When you  have the people who learnt from them Sudha Kongara (director) and Sivakumar Vijayan (cinematography), you know that it is going to work out.

Where acting is concerned, Madhavan is often overlooked where traditional A listers are concerned, atleast from a popularity standpoint. But when you consider that he is probably the only one that Mani Ratnam has casted 4 times in a main role, you think again. Madhavan is not what Kollywood would consider a Mass Hero. He is an actor, an artiste and bloody good one.

Despite that, it is Ritika Singh on her film debut that impressed me. I really doubt any current actress would have been able to pull that role of. She may have been Mixed Martial Artist in real life but it was her acting off the boxing ring that wowed me.

Did I also mention that the songs are brilliant as well. Kudos to Santosh Narayanan. My personal favourite for your listening pleasure:

This is a must-watch.  Don't wait till its too late. It was on GV. Now it's only @ Rex Cinemas. Don't worry. The seats at Rex have been renovated.


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