Karthik's Rocking Show in Singapore (Oct 2014)

This was a night of magic. I am what one would consider as musically inept. The only music that I was ever remotely capable of  was when I am fast asleep. (The unlucky ones who have heard my in-built trombone would attest to that). I have been to a fair share of concerts. This was right up there with the best. It was simply amazing.

The organisers of the event, Total Entertainment, put together an excellent evening of music and joy. I was shocked when I learnt this was their first event. They seemed like seasoned professionals in this industry. The lucky draw, with gifts from one of their sponsors, Joyalukkas was another pleasant surprise. I am sure the lucky winners could not have asked for a better surprise with Diwali around the corner.

Karthik Music Experience (KME)  is more than just another event where you hear songs being performed live. Before attending KME, I did entertain the thought that the name of the event was  no more than a marketing gimmick. I am happy and humbled to say that I have never been more wrong in my life.  I did not just hear music that night. The musical experience that Karthik  and his crew fed to me invoked all my senses and it ignited a spark in me. I left Kallang theatre that night with an interest to pick up a musical instrument to learn. Almost a month after the concert, the desire remains strong. Unfortunately, the dilemma as to the choice of instrument remains undecided.

For those who have been to Kallang Theatre this year (with the sports hub looking all swanky) would agree with me that stepping into Kallang Theatre is akin to taking a walk back in time. The place is not just old school.  It is a fossil. I felt as if I was in some 70s tamil movie watching some  Kacheri  (music concert). All that changed when KME begin. Kudos to Total Entertainment for transforming Kallang. The lights  and the background visuals were just beyond imagination.

The night was not just about Karthik. His band was fantabulous!  Watching Navneet (keyboardist) do his thing was a show by itself. He is simply a rockstar !!! If you were to fill in the blank to form a pattern between "Sexy - Music - Instrument" , what would you have chosen? There is probably no instrument with greater sex appeal than the guitar. It simply transform the musicians to a different league altogether. Everytime Vijay(guitarist) stepped forward on stage during his solo moments, the crowd just went wild.
Karthik is a complete entertainer. The way he flirts and teases the crowd was simply a joy to watch. He even synced in some old classics to present a complete package. As he delivered தேரடி வீதியில from the Madhavan hit  Run, Karthik transformed Kallang Theatre into a massive dance floor that our Singaporean Indian Clubs could only dream of. The energy was electrifying. We had uncles, grandmothers and kids கொழுத்துரா-ning (burning) the floor. For those of you'll well-versed with that particular song, Karthik was only too nice to replace the Kerala bit with "Singapore" , if you know what I mean.

While the concert was in full force to the 300 strong audience, the concert begin for me at 8.10pm.Yes you guessed it right. Shakthisree Gopalan singing live less than 5 metres from me. Her rendition of Enga Pona Raasaa from Maryan completely blew me away. For a moment, I did not mind being with the Cheetahs in Sudan. [Ed Note: Scene from the movie].
Watching the short  video clip with SPB's blessings and Karthik's duet with Shwetha Mohan brought the night to a whole new level. Shwetha Mohan fans, fret not. She was not physically present.  But the duet ( Shwetha's pre-recorded singing with Karthik singing live with Live music) left most of us bewildered.

Karthik's choice of songs were carefully thought of and executed to perfection. This was a night of musical magic. A night in my life that will forever be etched in my memories.  Once again, kudos to Karthik and his crew and Total Entertainment for such an amazing night.
Shakthi, I miss you already.


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