Interview with Logan Narayanasamy from the KillaBeez

With Dance Singapore Dance  moving into competitive rounds and the first elimination looming ahead, we catch up with LOGAN NARAYANASAMY, our local home boy, who made the surprise inclusion into the top 12. Most of us would have seen him performing with the KillaBeez.  Watch him perform on his own in Dance Singapore Dance. An Honest and Inspiring Interview with Logan.
Firstly, how does it feel making it to the Top 12 from the stand-by list?
  I was definitely in shock, but at the same time overwhelmed with happiness. Its easier to be either selected or eliminated, but to be hanging on as a standby, was difficult. Deep down, I wanted to be part of the top 12 because it would mean the world to me. Not to mention, a once in a lifetime opportunity.

 Hows has your Dance Singapore Dance experiencence been thus far (auditions to top 12)?
It's been a roller coaster ride with a lot of unexpected twists, making it through from the three stages of auditions. I auditioned with the dancers I have known thus far and many more, which was a thrilling experience to me. Entering the top 12, i met my mentor, Roche, who is a wonderful dancer as well as my co-team members; Derek, Shahrin, Jing Wen, Lavanya and Saher. We were people from different dancing worlds, but interestingly enough, that brought us together closer. On another note, It has been a tough journey in the competition, because the rehearsals and my odd job timings do clash. I usually have short rehearsals, 9.30pm-10.30pm, which has dragged till midnight so as to finish choreographies. I have to thank my partners, group mates and mentor for being so understanding to my tight schedule. Yet it has been fulfilling and I am enjoying every bit of the learning and performing in DSD.

Tell us more bout your dance journey
I started loving dance when I first watched the History LCD bought by my parents, which had all the Michael Jackson videos, at the age of 5.That was my mealtime show which my Mum would play so that I won't run around when she feeds me.And of course my first ever dance performance was a MJ dance in kindergarden. Along with me, my elder brother, Devaraj also loves to dance and he would play the dance videos which was recorded on VCR  and teach me and dance together with me. I will definitely say, he was my first Guru when it comes to dance. My parents sent me for auditions for kids shows and I got selected by the respectable, Mr Manimaaren who took me into his drama and dance troupe and danced there till I was 10. At the age of 14, I watched Hip Hop dance videos and fell in love and since then have been dancing and was from well renown Indian Dance groups such as, Tranzwave, and Killabeez till 2013 where we competed in various CC comps emerging as Winners of Suntec Dance 2005, as well as Indian media dance competitions such as Dhool and Dance Jodi respectively.

 I now have ventured into my own Crew called Mojo-Dojo, alongside my Girlfriend, Janani, where we teach teenagers who are keen to dance and do performances and train them for competitions as well. My Idols are, Devaraj ( my brother), Michael Jackson & Prabhu Deva ( actor and dance icon). I will not exchange anything else for dance, there were indeed many times I felt like stopping dance because of the hectic life that we have due to work and little time. Plus society  does not looks at dance as  a profession and feels that it is difficult to develop a career or become successful through it. But this time, I've vowed to myself, never to stop because I am at peace, with happiness and through dance, I believe life can be learnt in a more interesting way. It makes me more creative and sets my mind to freely think of unrealistic concepts and messages and bring it to life where it can be relayed to the masses. And I would like to see it as a Career for me. I'd rather do something I love as my job for the rest of my life.  ;)

Being part of an  dance group ( killabeez), do you feel that this gives you an advantage in the competition?
Contrary to popular believe, I am no longer an active member of Killabeez. It has been 2 years since I handed over the team to my successor, and continued my learning journey as an independent dancer. However, the experience from being part of groups, helps me to be a better performer. As this competition is modelled as a solo- competition, it is a whole new challenge for me. However, a perk of being in a local dance group, the local Indian dance industry has my back and are always checking on my progress and how the competition is going so far. I feel extremely happy to see all of them United in supporting a fellow dancer.
How was it working with Roche for the first group performance?
 It was tiring but so much fun! Roche is young, yet has a very creative mind which he used to differentiate artistic and commercial choreography. He is a master at both. Despite being a master, he was more of a good friend and a brother, which allowed us to put our trust in him and follow his lead. I was very afraid that i might be scolded by the mentor for not being able to keep up as i was not technically trained compared to most of the participants. However, he was very encouraging and his constructive criticisms pushed me to become a better dancer and performer. He had faith in all six of us and wanted to create the best for us, so that we are able to go far in the competition. As most of the contestants are aware, i am a joker! I would be cracking jokes during that particular group practice sessions, and yet Roche would play along and that made us feel more relaxed as we went through two days of vigorous rehearsals from 10pm to 5am. LITERALLY. LITERALLY. LITERALLY. We were zombies. He would also take the time during breaks to get to know us better as a Dancer as well as a person. On the whole, i feel very blessed and lucky to have had him as my mentor. He is truly irreplaceable.

what can we expect from Logan in the next episode?
We just finished the first competitive duet round, where I am paired with the livewire of the group (who does not stop talking), Saher. We are performed a piece, which shocked me when roche mentioned it. The song is a famous south indian track. Next up would be the elimination round. I truly hope all of the Rockstars will be safe. If I do not make it to the safe zone, I promise to give a performance which is out of the world and dance my heart out during the solo round.

Do you have any expectations or targets in this competition?
 With this competition, i want people to see a different logan in each character i play during my dance performances. I promise to make the audience laugh, cry, and enjoy dance from the heart. I want the world to know that street dancers are made of more substances than we are thought to be. Apart from that, I have been choreographing and leading many performances in the past. It feels refreshing now, to have to be a follower and a learner. I am able to learn more and also understand how to teach better. There's never a stop to learning, so this is my time to continue quenching my thirst for knowledge. I have never thought about winning the competition actually. My main motive is to go as far as possible in this competition and win more hearts and creating a positive impact through dance. As a person, I want to take away new life lessons such as teamwork, endurance and responsibility from this competition. As a dancer, i want to cross-over from the street style to explore artistic pieces and more genres. If I can achieve all that, then I believe that will be a True win for me.  'Sometimes its not all about Winning'.


Catch Logan on Dance Singapore Dance this Saturday at 8pm on Zee TV. Zee TV is available on StarHub Ch 125 and SingTel TV Ch 646.

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