[EXCLUSIVE] Interview with music director ANIRUDH

What started your passion for music? why not acting?
[hahahah] I was tuned into at the age of 3. You know like how, kids get gifts, like small casios, for fun. When I was hearing something on TV, I was trying to play it back. So My mom sent me for piano lessons when I was 3 years old. After that, it was an interest that kept  growing.  As I got older, I got involved in bands, college culturals and here I am today.

What are your sources of inspiration when you compose music?
I think, it depends. To be frank with you, its my day to day mood. Its my day to day emotions. Its something every youngster goes through. One day you are ecstatic,  one day you are sad, one day you are here and there. What I do  is that I transfer that emotion to music.  I think that works because there is some sort of a relativity to my music. Whatever emotions that I go through everyday, I try to bring it out  through music. I make a song everyday. I even brought my studio with me here. Sometimes, you just know it, that this particular song really works and you just keep it aside.

You entered the industry when you were 19. Is your young age barrier or a blessing?
I think age is just a number. I always wanted to be a music director before turning 30 but it happened more than a decade before that. I am extremely blessed. This early into my career, I have done 5 films. I have to maintain that and try to reach higher.

Which hero/ heroine would you want to compose music for?
There is nothing specific like that. I really do not have goals on 'I want to do this' or 'I want to do that'. Whatever comes up next, I just want to do better than I did before.  That's my aim. But yes, there is always going to be this 1 person that you want to work with. Obviously, it will be our Superstar, who else...

Kanave Kanave from David. It was a brilliant song, but it kinda slipped under the radar. what other genres do you forsee yourself making music in?
I  think, being in tamil film music, you have to know a piece of everything. Its not like where you're an artist and you can concentrate on 1 genre. You have to know everything and you have to know everything pretty well. You got to be able to do it in a way that people like it.  Kanave Kanave is one of my favourites. Perhaps, the film not taking off at the box office was a factor. But that did not really matter to me. I really liked Bejoy's (director for the film 'David') work in 'Shaitan'. When he called me and he mentioned that he loved my work in '3' and he wanted me to make a song for him. People did ask me as to why I agreed to make just 1 song when I had already had gotten a successful film under my belt. But, I did not want these clichés to affect me. People have asked me abt why do I even sing for other music directors and stuff like that. I just wanted to break all that and it was just an attempt. I'm happy that you  noticed that.
So, being in an industry, where you need to know everything, what is your favourite genre?
I think its a zone. Every few months, you go into certain phases. Just as every music lover updates his playlist, its the same with me. I am no different. Just like almost every other person around my age was, I was into EDM (electronic dance music). But, now I am out of it. It keeps changing from time to time. I think this is good because change is the only thing that will allow me to grow as a musician. There isn't any constant genre that I like.
In your recent albums, you used evergreen singers like Janaki Mdm and Deva Sir. Is there any particular reason for this?
For the first few albums, I used new singers. I wanted to do something different. So, I went with the other extreme. It was really nice of them to come sing for me, especially Janaki Amma, after many years. When I called them to ask them, she agreed to come from Kerala the very next day and she was very proud that this was sort of her come back song. Whatever magnitude my career grows, that will remain a very special moment in my life.
If you could pick 1 attribute from MSV, Illayaraja and AR Rahman, what would you pick?
I think all 3 of them have revolutionised Tamil Cinema Music in their own ways. I cannot pick any 1 thing.  They changed the trend in their respective times. I am just proud that I am part of the same music industry as them. I really cannot pick any 1 point from each of them

Your upcoming project AAKKO, which is involving newcomers. The initial marketing is pretty much riding on your rise to fame. How do you feel about that?
(Hahahah) It is pretty weird to see movie postors with the music director on it. But I am happy that people have made me go to such a level that a film gets publicised for its music director. End of the day, AAKO is a project that is close to me. Again, it is me trying to break industry norms, amidst suggestions from people that I should just stick to big films. But I want to do this. I will never be able to do an album like that for a typical film. It is going to be very new. It is going to be out soon and I am very excited about it. These new efforts might not work for everyone. But I am just blessed that it has worked for me thus far. Hence, I am just going with the flow.

Do you have any future plans working with Singapore artistes?
For sure. I have worked with Kash on 'Oh Penne". I am 100% sure that there will be Singapore artistes in my upcoming albums. I really like to work with upcoming artistes compared to experienced ones. The energy that they bring to the recording session is really amazing. They have that desire to prove a point. I am like that. I really believe that when such energies come together, it can really create magic. It is a great experience. The exchange of ideas. I can learn a lot from what they have to offer.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
The same Anirudh, giving you the same interview. I would like to thank everyone for putting me where I am today. It is up to me, now, to return that love through my music.

What are your favourite 3 things about Singapore?
The warmth of the people. I knoe that it sounds like a boring answer, but its true. The welcome, the way they take care of you.
The cleanliness of the city.
The City skyline is amazing in the evening.

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