Empowering Women in the 21st Century: An Event not to be missed

In 2016, the term “Women Empowerment” is no longer uncommon.  One might even opine that it is trendy. Some might argue that the term is over-used or even misused by people to advance their own agendas.

So, what defines a woman? What measures her success? Women, like Men, play multiple roles during the course of their lives; daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother etc.  Yet, the measure of a successful woman will almost always require her to have fulfilled her familial responsibilities.

I remember a conversation a few people (both genders were represented) were talking about the leading entrepreneurs in a particular male-dominated industry. The conversation was impartial when it came to judging their business achievements. Yet, when discussing the female entrepreneur, her personal life came up. This female entrepreneur was being judged on she was as a wife and a mother when the issue was completely work related. When the male entrepreneurs were being discussed, their personal life was a non-issue. There seems to be this pre-conceived notion that the woman has to first succeed at home before she can think beyond it.

When I first saw this poster, I was indeed intrigued.  This could easily be misunderstood as a CSR exercise. I wanted to find out more and I set up a short meeting with the event organiser Sivarani Rajangam, CEO of Rupini’s OM to find out more.

She explained the reason behind this seminar, “We want to drive discussion and at the same time, encourage women to invest in themselves to achieve a sense of confidence and purpose, and then to work towards feeling empowered and attaining a sense of worthiness”.

Her take on Women’s empowerment and wellness was refreshing yet relevant. Like a true business woman, this issue represents a basic economic need. Women are 50% of our talent, and in a nation with no natural resources but talent, they represent 50% of our national wealth and potential. If our economy is to survive and thrive through the current global environment-we will need to harness all our resources to their maximum potential and that very simply means more female leadership in business.

The Panel of Speakers
Regardless of the intention and topic, a seminar will only as good as its panellists. I have attended many seminars which were utterly disappointing purely because of quality of the speakers.
  • Indranee Rajah – Guest of Honour, Senior Minister of State for Law and Education.
  • Dr. Uma Rajan - Respected consultant for healthcare, Indian arts, heritage and culture.
  • Dr. See Hui Ti – Medical Oncologist at Parkway Cancer Centre, Mount Elizabeth Hospital.
  • Eunice Olsen – Former Nominated Member of Parliament.
  • R. Madhavan – Leading Indian Actor
Moderated by Viswa Sadasivan – Founder & Editor-in-chief, IQ.
With the above, I am confident that this seminar will be well worth your time and money. Let us be clear on this: Women’s Empowerment is not a gender-specific issue. It is a community issue. Seats are limited. Call 6297 2379 Now to book you seats! 

For those who are wondering how and why Madhavan fits with the distinguised panel, you clearly have not watched his recent move Irudhi Suttru and you definitely do not know Madhavan as a person. This is not just a marketing gimmick. Unlike other races and communities, cinema is a huge influence to Indians. Most of us would not admit this, but the truth remains that Indian cinema has indeed shaped our life in some way.That is why having an actor as part of the panel is indeed a master stroke by Rupinis.


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