Does PK really deserve all that praise?

The release of Rajkumar Hirani's PK left me no choice but to scrap my earlier draft titled  'Has Bollywood lost its plot?' My earlier article was based on the recent influx of rubbish that Bollywood was releasing. I could not help but notice more and more Hindi remakes of successful South Indian films.

Perhaps, SRK's Happy New Year and Hrithik Roshan's Bang Bang was so bad that it killed the Bollywood fan in me.  The reunion of Rajkumar Hirani and Aamir Khan did get me all excited. Well, who wouldn't be, considering both are synonyms of guaranteed success  in their own accord. The last time the both collaborated (3 Idiots), arguably, one of the best movies in Indian cinema was the result.

To top it off, every single feedback on the movie was positive. Well, to be honest, it was not a bad movie. But, was it as great as it was made to be. No way!  To be honest, it was a good attempt when you take the social issues tackled into consideration. The issue on discrimination towards an individual purely because of his religion and nationality, the rising influence of swamis and Gurus ( God Men) who eventually end up having a God like status, largely due to the gullibility of the common folk and of course, how faith may be fear in disguise.

The sensitivity of the issues meant that the film, had to tread very carefully so as to protect its very own existence. The introduction of the central character being an extra terrestrial  being was probably necessary to avoid a racial-religious riot. When I watched the film, it did strike a chord with me in many ways. While I am a Singaporean born Indian, couple of my closest buddies do happen to be NRIs working in Singapore. All of them share on common thread; their hatred for Pakistanis and Muslims. I have had the chance to speak to them individually to probe further and concluded that all of them had no reason to support their opinion. It was something that was just ingrained in them.

Where God Men are concerned, even a modern cosmopolitan city like Singapore is not spared. I have personally attended  meditation courses, where the Guruji from Malaysia (he even has a fancy Datuk Seri status to go along with it)  in a formal suit told a 1000 strong attendees about his personal experience. He had apparently traveled during his meditative state to Kailasam and had witnessed Lord Shiva personally.  Well, my objective is not to dabble on the veracity of the Guruji's claims nor his authenticity.  Its more on how the devotees, the people, have elevated the Guruji to a God-like status.
The GuruJi From Malaysia who is gaining popularity in Singapore

PK, just as a movie, was a complete entertainer. Aamir produces yet another spectacular performance. Anushka and Boman do their roles justice. Even Sanjay Dutt's bit role was incredibly funny and ironic as his character as an innocent victim of a bomb blast.  If you must know, Rajkumar Hirani is involved in making a Sanjay Dutt biopic in the near future. Perhaps Mr Dutt was indeed an innnocent party in the riots, the same way Salman has never physically harmed a soul in his life. :)
It just felt to me that Hirani took a difficult topic but decided to handle it superficially. That was the disappointment for me.

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