A Musical Prodigy: Pavethren Kanagarethinam

"Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue" - Plato

In an increasingly diverse Indian community in Singapore, there are only a few things that truly unite us, Food and Music  being up there in that list. We personally believe that every Indian child should be exposed to a traditional art form. That will definitely ensure that our culture remains vibrant in years to come. In line with that, we present you a  young musical prodigy, Pavethren Kanagarethinam, who will be presenting his Mridangam Arangetram, this Saturday, at the Singapore Polytechnic Auditorium.

Pavethren began his musical journey at the tender age of 5. His curiosity with this ancient instrument whose history can be dated to the Sangam Period, was piqued by watching his uncle's dance performances when he was young. Perhaps Pavethren's accomplishments may not come as a surprise to some due to the artistic presence in his family. His uncle is none other than Veshnu Thamizhvanan Narayanasamy, who was the recipient of the National Arts Council's (NAC)  Young Artiste Award in 1998. 

Pavethren began his learning at Bukit Batok CC and continued on in the Temple of Fine Arts. His love for music was not only limited to just being a hobby. He was chosen to be a section leader in his School's band. In a country like Singapore, where a holistic education still remains an ideal rather than reality, Pavethren was blessed to have teachers from Bukit Timah Primary School who noticed his special talent and had recommended the non-traditional route of getting an Arts Education in the School of The Arts (SOTA) to his parents.

He currently learns the Drums, Piano and the Marimba in SOTA.  We can expect great things from  this young talent who has just won the prestigious NAC Mridangam competition in 2014.  With supportive parents, Mr and Mrs Kangarethinam, behind him every step of the way, the sky is the limit for Pavethren.

We would like to invite everyone, especially young parents with children at the age where music appreciation is possible, to come down this Saturday to allow Pavethren to inspire you and your child. Let music spread its wing and conquer the world.

All Photo Credits belong to the Artiste's Facebook Page.

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