5 Girls You will Meet during 'Ladies Night' in an Indian Club

[Warning! This post is not for the easily offended, sensitive or the straight-laced. It is an honest and REAL observation. So, just read on don't hesitate to laugh out loud. Just don't get your knickers in a twist]

1. The Go- Getter Girls
These are the girls who have probably made the Wednesday night plan a long time ago. They may pretend that it was a last minute decision or go on about how they were forced to come.  The following will sum up their general attitude for the night.


Their dress sense is entrenched around the idea that less is more and are usually decked out in either a clevage baring/mid-rift revealing /figure hugging outfit that leaves no room for imagination. Yes, they do have every right to wear as they please, just that most of their outfits would have left their fathers in  utter disbelief.

They throw back shot after shot, that will do LMFAO and Lil Jon proud.  Watching these young girls lose control with each passing drink just makes you want to pray that they get home the way they left. They probably need to realise that the pack of hyenas are always lurking around waiting to pounce.

2. The Trophy on Display
There is always this type of girl on a Ladies Night. To begin with, you cannot help but feel sorry for her. More often than not, she is accompanied by a leech of an insecure boyfriend, who sticks to her so close that you begin to wonder if they are literally stuck together.  They enter the club thinking that they are the Homecoming Prince and Princess  and are usually alone.The poor girl is pretty much subject to his command. She dances when he does. He will introduce his trophy to almost every other guy in the club just to 'up' his street cred. Unless the boyfriend is an Alpha Male,  you will have the pack of hyenas ( his own friends, included) planning to make their move. It is probably game over if the boyfriend drinks past his limit.
So, Will the real trophy, please stand up?
Sometimes if you are as lucky as I am, you get to witness an elaborate plan at work where a few hyenas will distract the boyfriend and the others try to make their move.

3. Butches
So, this is where it gets rather confusing, sometimes bordering on hypocrisy. I can understand one's liberty to choose their sexual orientation. I can even understand one's decision to alter their gender. Butches do prefer to be treated like just another bro. But, it just becomes rather strange when the bro is fine accepting his female gender for the sake of free drinks. How do you expected to treated seriously, then? It is very sad that butches remain the butt of all jokes in our community. Even transgenders have it easier at times. Perhaps, its time the butches ask themselves why?

4. The Celebrity
Well, if you are lucky, you will get to the see the rare celebrity sighting on the odd occasion. She will be gracious enough to accept an initial handshake and compliment from random stangers. But, do not take the kindness for weakness. She will tear you to shreds if you do try to cozy  up to her.

She will almost always look restrained, fully aware that her every move is being  judged. You will hardly see her losing control. Even if she does, she will probably be whisked away just as quickly by her friends. Nobody wants  to be the crux of a rumour these days, especially one from Rumours. *winks*

5.The Ladies
These ladies are usually in their late 20s or older. They have seen enough ladies nights. The long queues in the bar no longer appeal to them. They would rather do bottle service. These ladies are usually dressed to perfection and truly gorgeous. They do have an awesome time. The best part is that the young hormone raging hyenas dare not even come close to these shrewd lioness.

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