3 Bad Habits Women Pick Up From Indian Cinema

Most of us would believe that life in India and Singapore cannot be any more different. We may like to think that Indian Cinema has hardly any effect on a first world nation like Sunny Singapore. I have listed 3 negative influences that still plague the Singapore Indian community  today regardless of all the modernisation and evolution that has apparently happened.

1. Thinking that You can Reform Him
What is it with these girls who think that their love is so unique that it will change their men.  There have too many movies where the hero is a gangster or embroiled in illegal activities and the heroine believes that her love will change him.  Ladies, firstly if you want to love someone, love him for who he is, instead of who you want him to be. The guy will change for nobody else but himself. Haven't you heard the old adage, 'Old habits die hard'. If you know that your guy has a problem with drugs, gambling or fidelity, the change is not going to happen (easily).  Even if it does, bear in mind, that it will not happen because of you nor your love.

2. Accepting Violence

Nothing in this world gives your partner the right to raise his hands on you. However, almost every other movie will have heroine at the receiving end of a slap, which is normally forgiven, usually accompanied with a song. There are times where the 'slap' is celebrated and welcomed by the audience. This usually happens when the heroine's timid father spends the entire movie being scolded by his arrogant and rude wife (who will most definitely hate the hero character) and slaps his wife during the climax, which then leads the audience going "she deserves it !".

In real life, it never stops with the solitary slap. Your inaction lays the foundation for a life-time of physical violence. We may have been exposed to physical punishment as a form of discipline in our childhood and may also accept this violence as punishment for the mistakes we think we have made. This has to stop.

Never accept violence under any circumstance. You deserve better.

3. Your Family Is not as Important After Marriage 
Photography: Erik Clausen

You may be someone's wife and some family's daughter-in-law. That does not mean that you are no longer somebody's daughter. Somehow, the husband's family seems to take precedence in both reel and real life. It becomes much worse if the girl's family is not as rich as the boy's. Most parents of male children feel that they have the right of way over the girl's parents. The society, as we know it, may have been historically patriarchal. It does not have to be that way still. The point is to treat both sets of parents equally with love.
Just remember that your treatment of your parents is  how your child may treat you in future.

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