Yishun Makes The Headlines Yet Again

The pace of life today, the weights of school work, the pervasiveness of double vocation families and smaller families have prompted a pronounced level of focus on individualism. We may blend more with other individuals yet we have a tendency to do as such with the individuals who share a comparative education, occupations, and societal position.

In a time as such where the feeling of social solidarity has hit a slump and people are less inclined to know and collaborate with their neighbours, Yishun south has stride upon the road less taken with a unique initiative.

Two refrigerators, one specifically halal, were set up on the 4th of February 2018 to help occupants who live in rental flats in Yishun South. The refrigerators are loaded with all kinds of essential groceries, including eggs, spring onions, and apples. This produce is both freshly grown and harvested in nearby community farms or is donated by other generous residents living in Yishun.
Credits: TNP Khalid Baba

Residents are permitted to store the goodies and veggies and take from them at whatever point they need to. They are unattended, except for CCTV.
The reason behind this initiative is to provide a simple way to the residents to offer back to the society and also ensure that nobody in the neighbourhood goes to bed starving.

When the activity was propelled, some volunteered to watch over the refrigerators, cleaning them up and tossing out food that had turned sour. Even take up the task of carrying the essentials to the houses of those who were incapable of getting it due to old age or handicaps.

Most residents believe this activity benefits the less blessed and enables the fortunate ones to provide confidently and does not give them the feelings of uneasiness that usually happens when giving out hard cash.

The residents also take part in packing the vegetables for the refrigerator, utilizing daily papers and elastic groups, gradually rebuilding the idea of community living, shared interests and companionship at the neighbourhood level.

Good Job, Yishun!!!


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