What is Calisthenics and Why?

From the Spartans to the Shaolin monks and Bruce Lee to Scott Adkins, every legend from the world of fitness and action to the real ancient world of warriors and soldiers practised bodyweight training/ callisthenics. Before the arrival of slick and suave machines and weights in a fancy gym, all there was for warriors and fighters to mould their body to perfection was their bodyweight itself.

The army that protects the nations is a united alliance of soldiers that have built their strength, endurance and power through moves like pull-ups, pushups and sit-ups. The US army, in particular, requires a 25-year-old soldier to be able to give a 75 anytime he is asked to go down and pushup. This is the intensity and stronghold that callisthenics has had on civilizations and empires and the world now.

In the recent years, callisthenics has caught the limelight and is becoming a sort of a buzz among many fitness enthusiasts. With the arrival of athletes like Frank Medrano and Hannibal for King into the forte of Social Media, callisthenics has got onto the platform of fitness styles. It has evolved from just pullups and pushups to so much more. It has transformed from a fitness form to a blend of artsy, stylish and creative moves that turn this fitness form into a fun and exciting adrenaline-pumping workout style. Ranging from explosive muscle ups to front levers, the moves and static hold just get tougher and challenging.

But why this craze for callisthenics is the big question. What makes it different from other ways of getting into shape or building strength and endurance?
  • Callisthenics targets every muscle group in each of its exercises which lets you achieve that full body workout as well as gives your body an even, balanced form and appearance.
  • Calisthenics is the answer to many fitness freaks out there who are struggling to afford a gym. Calisthenics is simply free and does not require any fancy machines or weights, your body is the weight and the world is your gym.
  • Calisthenics is one of the easiest and healthiest ways to burn fat. As callisthenics is a set of compound exercises. It uses two or three muscle groups for one move which means the body will require more calories as fuel and so burning off more fat, also oxygen will be required in high levels due to the strain on so many muscle groups thus improving your cardiovascular system as well.
  • Most gym goers suffer from joint injuries due to the tremendous pressure that is focused on one arm motion or movement. This is not witnessed in callisthenics because firstly the pressure is shared by the whole body or at least few muscle groups, but the most important reason as to why callisthenics do not cause joint injuries is because it is a form of natural workout. It is inbuilt in our bodies to be able to move and function our body in those ways. It is not developed from scratch. We are naturally supposed to be able to push our own bodyweight up or pull ourselves up that it is almost an instinct.
  • Boredom is an erased off word in the callisthenics dictionary. Your creativity is the boundary. It has so many varieties and moves that you can choose to do. There is no need to do the same moves every week. It is a plethora of functional moves that it is more enjoyable and cool than just simply pumping weights.
  • Who says callisthenics cannot build muscle mass and strength like that of gym goers. It is a myth that bodyweight training cannot build muscle mass. There are so many live examples like Adam Raw, Hannibal for King, Lazar Novovic and many more. Moves like one arm pushups, slow negative pushups to one arm pullups and negative pull-ups along with strenuous leg exercises like the pistol squat can really thrust those muscles out and make you look nothing less than a fitness model.
So, buck up and jump into the training arena of callisthenics to help you get rid of those persistent and stubborn bit of wobbly fat or to simply look ripped, or even gain strength and endurance that you could have never dreamt off.

From static holds like the front lever and human flags to explosive moves like the 360 swings or pullup back claps to even the slow moves that challenge your strength at a gymnastic athlete’s level, at the end of it all, you and the bar will simply be inseparable.

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