Free Music Events Not To Be Missed

[Ed Note: Since an overwhelming number of makkals have expressed their apparent unhappiness over Thaipusam citing that their freedom to sing or play music has been violated,  we thought of highlighting 4 music events in the next  10 days, where you can attend and sing along to Singapore's finest.

In all seriousness, we will be discussing the Thaipusam issue in a separate article. Meanwhile, do make it a point to hear our homegrown guys out.]

Rebekah Sangeetha Dorai Featuring Yuliana Rumiantseva
8 Feb (Thurs) - 6.45pm /7.45pm - Esplanade Concourse

9 Feb (Fri) - 6.45pm /7.45pm - Esplanade Concourse

Abby Simone's Stories
10 Feb (Sat) - 7pm /8.15pm / 9.30pm - Outdoor Theatre

Groove Factory
15 Feb (Thurs) - 7.30pm / 8.45pm / 10pm - Outdoor Theatre

About Rebekah Sangeetha Dorai
Rebekah Sangeetha Dorai is an actor, singer and voiceover artist. Sangeetha has worked with W!ld Rice (Boeing Boeing), The Necessary Stage (Ghostwriter), CAKE Theatrical Productions (Koko) and Buds Theatre Company, among others. She has also written and composed songs for theatrical productions, including Wajdi Maowad's Scorched, and RAM for the Asia Pacific Bureau Festival. She feels incredibly blessed to work in theatre, and desires to make this lifelong. Besides the arts, Sangeetha has a passion for working with youth and volunteers at youth camps in her free time.

About Groove Factory
Joash Edelstein, drummer, had always wanted to set up a band with keyboardist Kumar Morgan for the longest time, and with Isuru and Nilesh, it finally came into form in its first iteration as Musiq over Mustache, when they entered the Dhoom Super Band Competition. Kumar was awarded the Best Keyboardist Award, while the band came in third place in the competition. Today, Groove Factory has performed at All Things New at Esplanade, Nenjukulle 2 (Vasantham), Sid Sriram in Singapore, Kalaa Utsavam 2017, and Sarvesh at the FORT.

About Movoda
Movoda features the lyrical prowess of Voodoo Sounds and its electronic sound, merged with the funky rhythms and high energy of MOTUS and the rhythmical and melodic nuances of Damaru Singapore.
The set is a mash-up of originals by MOTUS, such as Kecoh, Tie dye boy and All You Needed Was Dance, Damaru Singapore’s Hara Gangey, Mor Bani Thangat Kare, Acchanthavir and Sangha and the Voodoo sound’s Tears.
Experience different colours of emotions over a short period of time!

About Abby Simone
Abby Simone’s style is one of the reasons why people are drawn to her stories, because staying true to herself is one of her few satisfactions in her musical journey. In her words, "As long as I have my hands and voice, I'll never stop writing and singing".

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