Singapore Indian Fashion Runway 2017: A Bold Effort

When you think Singapore Indians Models, most of us would find it difficult to go beyond Annetha Ayyavoo. Let us all be reminded that the likes of Meshanthe-Vimala-Indra or the Rathi Menon- Bhaama Padmanathan are not models. The former took part in an audition for TV drama roles and the latter were Beauty Pageant contestants.
Founder of SIMA - Surya

Both are vastly different from the modeling industry. Commercial modeling seems to be an easier transition for beauty pageant contestants where they pose for catalogs, billboards or even appear in TV commercials. However, they seem to rarely have what it takes to do editorial/fashion runway modeling. Besides size and ‘look’ requirements, fashion modeling requires a certain edge and skill that not many beauty pageant contestants possess.

A beauty pageant contestant is used to having all the focus on herself, but as a fashion runway model, the focus is on the product, usually clothes or accessories.

Singapore is a cosmopolitan city and a known hub for fashion, shopping and other consumer trades. We see our fair share of billboards everywhere advertising various things. But when was the last time we saw an Indian girl on a billboard? I’m sure many would agree with me when I say that Indian women are beautiful, with their exotic features and natural tan.

Yet, when it comes to modelling, a Pan- Asian look is what is generally sort after and even preferred. This demand for a Pan- Asian appearance has gone so far as to impacting our local beauty pageants. In 2012, the Miss World Singapore contestant requirement was restricted to only Pan-Asian looking women. Will we ever see an Indian woman as the poster girl for a mall on Orchard Road? 

Its precisely with this bold ambition that the Singapore Indian Models Agency (SIMA) has started out with. It aims to challenge the local modelling industry by giving our local Indian women a platform to shine. The Singapore Indian Fashion Runway was precisely what that was for.

Held on 4th February 2017, the Pavilion at Far East Square was transformed to showcase the fruit of SIMA's labor. Co-organized by Style Etiquette, brainchild of Vanitha, Mrs Singapore India 2013, this event proved to be an amazing success. 

The Guest-of-Honor for the event was none other than Mr. M Ravi, a well-respected individual from the legal field for his human rights pursuits. He spoke about his own personal interests and foray into modelling during his younger years. We even got to witness his attempt at the runway.

Considering SIMA is a fledgling in the industry, we were there with no expectations, and to purely support this new effort. However, we were pleasantly surprised with the overall execution of the event. It was conceptualized very elegantly. Some of the models seemed like seasoned professionals and could carry themselves well.

We wish Surya and Kavitha from SIMA nothing but the best in their future pursuits and hope their ambitions get fulfilled.

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