Simbu's latest song disrespects women, yet again

Firstly, this commentary is about 2 months too late. It was initially meant to be published following the release of the following song on YouTube.

Due to the Jallikattu protests, we decided to hold off until that issue was settled. The Jallikattu issue brought together thousands of Indians from all over the world and effected change. This may very well have been the largest peaceful protest India  has seen since its protest for independence.

Keeping my personal feelings aside where Jallikattu is concerned, I think we can all agree that India(ns) faces bigger problems. One such problem is the woman's place in society. You may wonder as to why this is even an issue in Singapore. 

Firstly, globalisation. The number of Indian nationals in Singapore is more than just significant. Last weekend, i received a text from an unamed source "who was surprised that she was waiting alone in Little India for about 20 minutes and no one has tried to 'accidently' grace her boobs yet". 

Singaporean Indians do try to distinguish themselves from Mainland Indians. Yet if there is something that every Indian regardless of nationality shares, it has to be the influence of Indian Cinema. The adulation and idolisation that Indian man have for Indian Cinema Heroes is not a laughing matter. It is real. 

You hardly get an Indian flick where the Indian Hero does not give the female a slap. Stalking or teasing women has become a norm. In fact, some films portray them as a rite of passage of sorts where love and romance is concerned.

In 2012, we had the unfortunate Nirbhaya incident, which gave this issue a national spotlight. Yet, the problem continues. A few days ago, a South Indian actress was allegedly molested. How does a culture where women are worshipped in temples but oppressed in reality continue to exist?

Cinema personalities in India especially, know that they are seen as public figures.  Shouldn't they be more careful of their work product. The lyrics of this song clearly show a blatant disregard to the problems that Indian women face in society. 

This is not the first time Simbu has done something like this. We have had songs from him which are derogatory to women. If the people can rise together for jallikattu, why not, deny an irresponsible man the opportunity to further denigrate women in society?

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