Setting An Intention

Usually with yoga and basically everything that requires an action; there are various forms of intensity that is required for the particular action. Moreover, results will vary from the intenseness of the action.
Personally when I’m in a dance or yoga session, I give options of where my practitioners would feel comfortable enough to grow. I usually base the flow of my class with these three degrees of intensity;
Level 1 - Being Basic – Lets just say you will get there one day.
Level 2- Doing the Most – most fall in this category or usually after a few this is the intended level.
Level 3- Being God-like – doing all of the above while levitating upside down

These levels can be can used for basically anything if an intention is set.
For yoga classes’ intensity levels are very important. In fact it shows that the class is well structured and your teacher is aware of the environment of the class. Also as a practitioner you are more mindful of your body and where you would like to take your practice.
Intensity usually requires setting an intention. Knowing what your intention is will set the course of intensity you put in your task. If my intention is stability and not falling, I won’t be pushing on my intensity, in fact I will be working on the foundation to create that stability.
If the intension were to push myself, I would be doing the most and being as extra as possible.
Setting an intention is very crucial when attending a yoga class. Simple intentions such as ‘focusing on breathing’, ‘Lightness’, ‘ Being Calm’ or even ‘Being Strong’ or even like ‘ not falling on my face’ will change the whole course class and the benefits you would be able to reap from the practice.

Anu Parasuraman

Once on and off yoga practitioner, more off than on Gym goer and mostly on than off dancer; who took the first step into achieving nirvana by fully immersing into the very first yoga teachers training course by Yoga seeds in July 2015. Join my gradual process in understanding the art of being a yogi and finding inner peace within me. EAT, SLEEP, YOGA REPEAT

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