Jothi Store Receives Unfair Criticism Over Price of Face Masks

Jothi Store, a household name, in the Singapore Indian Community recently received much criticism from netizens for the price of surgical face masks. 

Many have accused the establishment of using the current situation (Coronavirus ) and profit from it. This has prompted the management of Jothi to defend themselves on Social Media. 

After observing the numerous posts / re-shares, its also heartening to see many people coming out in defence of Jothi Store. Its is quite obvious that the majority of the criticism coming from younger netizens and older netizens stepping up to defend Jothi Store. The Fact is that Jothi Store is more than just a convenience store to the Singapore Indian Community. It is an institution that has served this community for decades, headed by Mr Rajkumar Chandra.

For those who have no idea who Mr Rajkumar is, do watch the following video.  Mr Rajkumar is also the chairman of LISHA (Litte India Shop Owners and Heritage Association).
We are facing a scary situation to say the least.  The number of comments on social media have been rather xenophobic and ugly of late, with many hateful comments against China and its residents, blaming them for this virus. Its time like this, when we need to constantly remind each other that we are one human race and community. 

We thank Jothi and its team for serving this community for all these years.

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