Hariharan Live in Singapore

The voice that made our hearts melt and gave our respective Uyires a new meaning in 1992 is set to conquer our hearts again this March. From Roja to Bombay to Vennilave, everyone’s favourite AR Rahman’s era of music will not be possible without this legendary voice.
29 March 2019 - Hindi / Ghazals
30 March 2019 - Tamil

Padma Shri Hariharan with his band is set to transport to his magical world of music with evergreen melodies that are more than just songs to us.

Apart from his popular hits, he will also be performing cult classics like ‘Oru Mani Adithal, Mudhal Mudhalil Parthein, Minnal Oru Kodi and so on which are edged in our memories.

Join us for this exclusive night to experience the magic of Hariharan.
Call + 65 91852251 today!


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