ITC School Of Laws: Open House [18 Feb 2017]

A law degree is not just for lawyers: Be Future Ready

Why Pursue A Legal Education?

A law graduate is equipped with transferable skills that are relevant and highly valued in all sectors of the economy. The ability to critically analyse and evaluate while having an aptitude for problem solving is essential in any industry. Today, an individual with a single, industry-based competency will be squeezed out by the crowded marketplace of the future. Only professionals ( PMETs) with cross-competencies will survive, will thrive.

The landscape in many industries is changing. There is a great deal of competition for positions and professionals are finding it increasingly hard to distinguish themselves from the crowd. If you are an accountant, what is the edge that you have over other accountants? If you are a shipping professional, what makes you different from others in your industry? The same question is applicable to industries such as banking & finance, engineering, architecture, insurance, real estate and more. How does a PMET stand out from the crowd in his/her own profession? Some astute professionals have been quietly pursuing some form of legal training or qualification.

There are invaluable transferable skills inherent in law that add tremendous value to professionals who are non-lawyers. Apart from the competition from fellow professionals, tasks traditionally undertaken by professionals are now being automated to some degree by software. Such automation and the impending increased usage of AI is likely to reduce the type of work that professionals can do. Professionals who may be able to provide value added services through their multidisciplinary skills and knowhow will be in much greater demand that professionals who only have training in their own field. the way of the future is going to involve the adoption of higher value knowledge and skills. This is where a law degree can help.

18 February 2017. [ Event Highlights ]

1pm:     Registration
2pm:     Opening Address by Principal
2.15pm: Presentation from Alumni from prominent industries
3.15pm: Panel Discussion with law graduates on the evolving legal landscape 
4.15pm: Q&A session with ITC staff
About The School

ITC School of Laws Pte Ltd
is a registered school under Council for Private Education (CPE)(UEN: 199302723G / 30 April 2012 to 29 April 2016) and has a long history of academic excellence with particular emphasis and strength in the University of London International Programmes.

ITC’s foray into Legal Education in Singapore began in 1996 and today, they pride themselves to be a “Specialist Law School”. The school enjoys a high reputation amongst students intending to pursue an international legal education, being noted for our quality and innovative teaching methods.

In the last decade, ITC has emerged to be the most successful private school in Singapore to offer classes for the Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law and the Bachelor of Laws, LL.B from the University of London International Programme.

ITC students’ excellent world-class results on the external law programmes every year are testament to this fact. With graduates who are currently involved in the legal arena, the corporate sector, government fields and many others, the ITC graduate is highly employable in both the local and international job sectors.

Credit for ITC’s success goes primarily to the cultural mindset of our people who make up this remarkable institution. It is their unfailing dedication and philosophy of continuous improvement of themselves and their students that has not only ensured their survival but also contributed to their excellent reputation, both locally and internationally.

Their sacrifices and integrity have imbued ITC with the reputation of being an exceedingly responsive college that provides a strong sense of direction to its students. It is this mark of excellence imbued in us that made it possible for us to attain “AFFILIATE CENTRE” status for the University of London International Programmes L.L.B.
A few of the latest batch of graduates together with Faculty members



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