5 Reasons Not To Miss The ANIRUDH concert

1. The Organisers of  the Show - NOISE & GRAINS
In the world of Live Music Entertainment, the organiser usually plays the most under-rated role. When the show goes well, they rarely get the credit they deserve. But in the event, the show does not impress, they bear the brunt of the unhappiness. 

The success of show always hinges on the the people behind the scenes. Even the best musicians in the world can end up having a terrible show. In this industry, you cannot have a discussion about concerts without talking about Noise & Grains, especially after their Nenje Ezhu Concert in Chennai. Just take the next few minutes watching this video. The talent is real but the Visuals were just mindblowing and took the performance to the next level.

Now, I can't imagine how this Saturday is gonna be. Let's Go Crazy !!!

So, for those who may have followed us from the beginning, during our wordpress days, you may have remembered that I have the craziest (the cute and pleasing type and not the scary, freaky sort) crush on this talented and beautiful lady. I had the pleasure of listening to her live once. Words cannot describe the magical experience. You must live it as I did once and will again on Saturday.

This name may not ring a bell now. But this talented Rap Star will be household name in time to come.Hailing from Klang, Malaysia, this song and video has been a coming of age for the artiste himself . Start the fiesta when he comes through, it's a  will be a Thiruvizha .

Get your earphones on. You NEED to listen to this.

For those like me who love to scour YouTube for music, this man is no stranger to us. Started out as cover singer on YouTube, he has earned a global following. With his boyish good looks and his sultry voice, the man is a heartbreaker.  [Note: Apparently, I sound like him when I start singing in the wee hours of the morning usually after consumption of copious amounts of  a colourless volatile flammable liquid which is produced by the natural fermentation of sugar​s]


The boy wonder of Indian Cinema Music. Bursting into the scenes with the global hit "why this kolaveri di" which has crossed the 100 million mark on YouTube, he is arguably the undisputed RockStar of Indian Cinema Music. Let's leave the Maestro and the Mozart (of Madras) aside. This guy is the future. He may have performed in Singapore before, in 2014 and more recently in the SIMA awards held on July 2016. 

This show is going to be on a different level. LET'S GO CRAZY !!!

Since you made it this far, we can't leave you empty-handed. Key in the promo code "thegurusg" when you purchase your tickets to enjoy a special 20% Discount.

This promo code is only applicable on purchases done at the NOISE & GRAINS website.

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