Online Dating Services vs. Online Dating Sites
To the uninitiated they sound the same.  And certainly there is a bit of cross-over and blurring of the lines, but in general you can think of it this way: Full-service vs.  self-service.

Online dating services (also called a matchmaking services or executive matchmaking services) generally are ones where there is some component involving someone else (especially a person, but more and more likely a person with the help of a computer) selecting potential matches on your behalf, contacting them to see if your candidate(s) are interested in you, and arranging a meeting.

You can count on a couple of things with Online Dating services:

1. You'll probably be able to see videotaped "interviews" with your matches (and of you!)
2. You'll pay substantially more.

3. Generally there will be a smaller selection of candidates.   (Some would argue quality over quantity, but that's your call.)

OK, now that you know what's in store for you with an Online Dating service, it's time for some background on Online Dating sites.   As a rule, you do your own searching based upon a series of questions you answer (and that your potential romantic matches answer, too).

Based upon how you and they each answer, the Online Dating site will return a list of possible candidates for you to review.   Think of them like personal ads in weekly papers with the added advantages of:
(a) letting you skip those people who are totally out of your interest romantically

(b) adding (sometimes multiple) pictures of your singles matches and

(c) multiplying the quantity of potential matches enormously.

Here's what you can count on with an Online Dating site:

1. You'll see TONS of profiles.   Some of them will have photos; some may have videos; most will have neither.

2. It's usually possible to find a site that fits your budget.

3. There is a VERY wide range of possible romantic matches.   If you live in a more remote area, your likelihood of finding people in your area may be greater through an Online dating site, especially if you widen your search area.

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