How to Design a Kids’ Room Every Child Dreams About
Twenty-thirty years ago, the only kid-friendly decorative option was cartoon wallpapers and bed sheets, but luckily those days are over. Today, you can find all sorts of unique floor and wall coverings, stylish storage, and organizing options, as well as awesome and comfy beds perfect for kids’ bedrooms. It doesn’t matter if you’re making a total makeover or just changing a few elements, here’s a little guide on how to create a kids’ room every child will love.

Take into account their interests

The best and fastest way to turn your kids’ room from a boring environment into the one that nurtures creativity and productivity is to include your kids’ interests and preferences into the design. Every kid has many talents, some of which they already know about, and some are yet to be discovered, so make sure to encourage their creativity. If your kid is fascinated by art, display their artwork, or if your kid loves music, you can decorate their room with music motifs. You can also find your kid’s favourite sports team’s jersey or a piece of gear, frame it and display it. This way, kids will be encouraged to follow their dreams.

Let them display their treasures

Kids love to collect stuff and they take great pride in their collection. You can display their treasure and make a great decoration piece. Toys, figurines, action figures and sports memorabilia look amazing when lined up on floating shelves. This setup looks best when you display only one type of toys. A random collection of stuff just looks messy.

Make a creative corner

If you want to inspire your kid to create new things, you must provide them with an appropriate space. It’s a good idea to place various toys, blackboard or stationary to be within their hand’s reach. For instance, if your kid loves to play tailor, make sure to create a handy sewing station, together with a sewing machine, fabrics, collections of buttons, and different threads. 

Make it warm and cozy

An ambience that’s cold can have a bad influence on young minds, and that’s why a kids’ room should be cozy, comfy and fool of dynamic colors and warm fabrics. Kids love to read and play on the soft floor or curled up in a comfy beanbag. These elements will make the room much warmer and intimate, plus reading on the floor is much more fun than sitting behind the desk.

Provide a soft place for play

Playing and relaxing on the floor wouldn’t be as much fun as it is without a soft and comfy surface. Carpets are warm and soft, but sometimes, they just don’t provide the right snuggling feel. If you want to create a designated area on the floor where your kid can play, read, and draw, you can do that with small rugs. They do not only look super cute but they also provide some extra cushioning. Today you can get rugs in different colors, patterns, sizes and shapes, so you’ll certainly find something that fits your kids’ taste and room design.

Promote good habits

A good kids’ room is not all about play. You also need to design it in a way that will instill the right values and habits in your child which will allow them to become hardworking and prosperous adults. Make sure to provide them with good study space, a desk, an ergonomic chair and good task lights. You also want to teach them the importance of being tidy and organized. Provide your kids with enough storage space, and make sure they clean up and put everything back in its place after they’ve finished playing or studying.
If you follow these simple decorating tips and tricks, you can easily create a room that’s warm, comfy, productive and fun, and allow your kids to have a happy childhood and bright future.

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