Singapore's FIRST Indian Concert by CrowdFunding

Singapore has seen many firsts over the past 5 years. We’ve seen our first Cannes Film Festival win, our first Olympic gold medal and now, Sarvesh Festival of Arts will be adding to that list with Singapore’s FIRST crowdfunded concert. Yes, it’s a concert that is going to be organised by the people, for the people. Mark your calendars for July 8 because music prodigy, Karthick Iyer, will be mesmerising you with his melodious tunes along with some of Singapore’s best and best brightest Indian talents.

Sarvesh Festival of Arts has been pioneers in the local Indian music scene for the past 2 years, having organised 3 extremely well-received concerts thus far, namely - Sid Sriram Live in Singapore, Masala Coffee and Sarvesh Rock Festival featuring Thaikuddam Bridge. All 3 concerts have featured local artists from various backgrounds alongside the main acts and Sarvesh FOA has prided itself in bringing affordable quality performances to the masses. Rather than getting big time playback singers that would more likely rake in the profits, Sarvesh FOA has been focused on bringing attention to the ‘hidden gems’ in our Indian music scene and exposing them to music lovers here. Fresh off organising Singapore’s first Indian rock festival, for its next project, Sarvesh FOA has passed the baton on to music lovers and asked them to take charge. For the first time in Singapore history, the audience will be involved in the making of a concert and ultimately, determine its success.

You may ask - “Why should I care for a mere concert ?” Having worked with numerous budding artists in the past, Sarvesh FOA realised that we have many hidden talents in our midst that yearn to be showcased but lack any kind of platform. It seeks to be that platform but can’t do so alone. It needs the support of every Singaporean son and daughter who has a passion for music and wants to grow the local music scene here. This is their chance to shed light on some of these hidden gems in society and do their part in developing the arts scene here. It takes two hands to clap and it’s up to you to work with us to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Your support in this campaign will ensure that we can carry on providing this platform to budding artistes and nurture young musical talents for the future.

Music is the wonder of expression at its core and transcends all barriers of language or comprehension to touch one’s soul. Musicians, therefore, play a monumental role in uniting society and we feel that it is our duty to facilitate this role by giving them the platform to perform. Karthick Iyer, might not be a name often bandied about in our local music scene but in true Sarvesh FOA fashion, his brand of music is one that turns every performance into an experience.  No one sums it up better than the man himself.


The Indian civilisation has stood the test of time, welcoming and absorbing numerous cultures along the way - reinventing itself with every addition but never losing its depth. In a similar vein, IndoSoul goes beyond the confines of genre, seeks out and welcomes other musical influences - while retaining its core identity of Indianness  -  Karthick Iyer


We have no doubt that all you need to hear is one of his signature pieces to be completely taken in by this musical protege. He will be performing alongside some of Singapore’s best local Indian acts and it’ll be a musical extravaganza not be missed.

If you are a believer in local music, if you appreciate the fine arts or if you just want to do your part for our local talents, contribute to Sarvesh FOA’s crowdfunding campaign for Karthick Iyer: Live in SG. It’s a first for us and it’s a first for the local music scene but we are willing to take that risk if it means continuing to nurture local talents for the next few years. As they often say “ The show must go on!” and it will, regardless of whether we hit our target. We guarantee a musical experience like no other, even if it is our farewell show. It’s all up to you now.

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