Mara - The Mastermind

Uniting the profundity of Eastern philosophy, style of Indian traditional expressions, and dynamism of Western stagecraft and music,   Arte Compass in collaboration with Apsaras Arts presents Mara, a message that traverses limits of culture, age, topography, and time with a grand show on the 24th March at The Esplanade Theatre.

Led by the artsy duo Mythili Prakash and Aditya Prakash, the show is an amalgamation of poetry, movement, music, and visuals that breathe life into Mara.
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Moving far from conventional plot structures, MARA uncovers the life of the individual (Jeeva), as she explores the risky, stunning labyrinth that is the human mind (Mara). Mara, the evil presence who notoriously endeavoured to allure Buddha, keeps on diverting people from finding what lies past common delights, the quest for true inner freedom. Can Jeeva break free from the chains that predicament her to this world?
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Witness the Buddhist folklore unravel itself in staggering synchrony of melody and movement by traditional Indian artists coupled with strikingly imaginative live music – a soulful and deep blend of Indian ragas, brass band jazz, modern-day funk and worldwide rhythms – converging with multimedia projections and exploratory staging.

Mara is played by the appealing and much acclaimed Indian-American Bharatanatyam artist Mythili Prakash who notably played the spouse of Pi in Director Ang Lee's runaway success Life of Pi. Mara is likewise her creation, alongside similarly gifted sibling Aditya Prakash. Mara has also been organized at the Ford Amphitheatre at Coney Island Boardwalk in Brooklyn, New York.
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Arranged by Mythili Prakash and performed by a select gathering of artists from Apsaras Arts Singapore alongside worldwide talents. The music is composed and executed by the Aditya Prakash Ensemble. The video art for the act is made by Kate Johnson.

Aficionados of art, music, and literature will be able to see the inimitable collaboration of American, Indian and Singaporean artistes in the forthcoming dance assembly.

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