Prakash Somosundaram: The Merlin that every entrepreneur needs

In a world where most would tell you that there is no such thing as a free lunch, Prakash Somosundram is an exception. My relationship with him goes back to to 24 April 2011, when I first messaged him on FB seeking some advise on a business idea I had. [Ed Note: Yes, one can use Facebook for such unexciting reasons as well]. I had no prior connection with him. He replied the next day and offered to meet up. Its been almost 5 years and I still consider myself lucky that I have him as my Merlin.

Every doubt I had, be it small or big, I went to him. The thing about Prakash is that he does not judge you and he has the genuine passion to help others and help entrepreneurship. There are many people within our community who masquerade themselves as business consultants or advisors who will offer you many 'Get Rich Quick' schemes via  misusing Government grants and claims.

This man is the real deal. I am extremely proud that he has made his passion into a business in the form of his start-up 'PEALO'.

Most entrepreneurs are never short of ideas. The common problem that most entrepreneurs face is capital or the lack thereof. They either cannot even bring their idea to fruition or find it difficult to scale to the next level. That is exactly what PEALO solves and It does  not end there.
The range of services that they offer includes:

1. Business Valuation
2. Business Development
3. Fund Raising
4. Business Brokering
5. Government assistance and grants application

His credentials speak for themselves. He also serves as Vice Chairman of Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE), as well as Board Member of SCAPE with a focus on Youth and Entrepreneurship. He is also serving his second term as District Councillor with North East CDC, particularly in the Children and Youth Committee.

If you are an entrepreneur and you want bring your game to the next level, PEALO is the way to go.

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