A Mahabharatha-Inspired Card Game

To most of us, today would simply be just another Saturday. Majority of us would probably still be sleeping in. The Guru Project has had the opportunity to share with you all the latest happenings and news in the past year. We have pretty much seen every related to the Indian community.

Nothing has made me more excited than what today is all about. Today marks  Vansh Games Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based startup's launch of the LEGEND OF VYAS, a unique collectible card game based on the great Indian epic, the Mahabharata. Firstly, the visuals of this game blow you away.

To ensure that the artwork was of unparalleled quality, Vansh Games worked with renowned Indian digital artist, Anirudh Sainath. Anirudh, who also goes by the moniker Molee, is well known for his artistic depictions of Hindu gods and characters from Indian mythology. Singaporean artist, Benjamin Tan, was brought on board to create the illustrations for various weapons and item cards.

LoV positions itself as a first in the card game genre to be based on this ancient yet popular work of literature. Through its unique gameplay and amazing artwork, the game not only promises hours of intriguing play but also aims to pique interest and educate young people about the Mahabharata - described as the longest poem ever written.

The game was conceived over dinner, as two friends discussed their childhood, the stories and mythology they grew up with as well as changes that would influence their children. They imagined a game they would have played in present times that would have brought those stories and mythology to life. The idea to create a collectible card game took root. Such a format would bring to life the characters, stories and messages that make the Mahabharata one of the world’s most important literary works of cultural and historical significance.

Says Varun Devanathan, one of the creators of LoV and a partner at Vansh Games, “LoV seeks to re-introduce the Mahabharata in a contemporary format, to resonate with today’s youth. We have coupled an exciting game, involving strategy, skill and a touch of fortune, with stunning artwork, depicting heroes, spells and weapons. Our vision is that this combination will stimulate an appreciation for Indian culture and heritage in both Indians and non-Indians alike.”

Going by the rave reviews received during the pilot phase, LoV is set to be well-received by gamers. Vagheesh N, a statistician and avid gamer says this about the game, "I find the blend of traditional mythology with a modern card game something fresh, and the formation based play in this genre is groundbreaking. Then there's the stunning artwork, which just adds to the enjoyment of the game. I give LoV 10 out of 10 - a modern classic."

LoV will be made available initially as a two-player set comprising cards, tokens and special dice reminiscent of  those used in the Indian games of yesteryears. Other cards will be introduced over time to enable players to add to their collections and thus create more interesting game play. There are plans to evolve the game into a multi-player format with later releases.

LOV can be ordered during the launch period from 30 May - 30 June 2015 at a pop-up store at 74 Dunlop Street. Orders can also be made online at www.LegendofVyas.com from early June onwards. Each set will cost S$45.
More about Legend of Vyas (LoV)

The Mahabharata, an epic chronicled by the great sage Vyasa, is rich with characters and plots that have fascinated generations of Indians as well as non-Indians. Treachery and intrigue are as much a part of the epic as honour and bravery.

The Legend of Vyas delves into the rift in the Kuru dynasty, and gives players an opportunity to take on the personas of some of the key characters and re-live their stories through an exciting card game that involves strategy, skills and a touch of fortune. Through the game, players get to explore the fierce rivalries between the greatest warriors of that era.

In this first edition of Legend of Vyas, players take on the role of the legendary warrior heroes, Arjuna and Karna. Each hero has 40 Health Points at the start of the game. By arming themselves with an array of weaponry, meting out boons and curses, summoning mighty warriors to take their side, maneuvering their army into strategic formations, and invoking divine warheads, players aim to reduce their opponent Hero’s Health Points to zero. The player who is able to do so first wins the game.

As players employ the cards in their deck to defeat their opponents, they get a glimpse into Vyasa’s epic with the commentary provided on each card. They can further their understanding of the various characters, events and weapons by going to the website www.legendofvyas.com.


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