The Lure of the Handstand

We all know that one person Instagramming great Handstand photographs taken in picturesque and striking locales. Without a doubt, it looks cool; however what is it about Handstands that make us want to like it immediately? If I am not wrong, then below are the reasons why I believe such a huge number of people might be head over heels for handstands.

Handstands expect you to remain upright against the powers of gravity—you can't get an all the more 'full body exercise' than that.

Fortify core muscles – Sounds insane, however, you can get ultra-conditioned abs by remaining on a handstand. Core strength is basic to remaining upright.

Strengthen wrists and arms – Handstands utilize your body as a 'weight.' Strong wrists and arms can help forestall future wounds and joint pain.

Decompress the spine – Handstands battle the impacts of poor stance and feel extraordinary in the wake of a monotonous day on your feet or slumped at a work area.

Handstands go absolutely against our intuitive dread of falling. In any case, the worst snag can be a dread of disappointment and a feeling of self-question. Handstands take hone, yet anybody can figure out how to do them, and the elusive advantages are significant.

Tyke like ponder – Remember walking on your hands as a child for no particular reason? Seeing the world topsy-turvy can restore a feeling of bliss and ponder.
Open Flow of Energy – Handstands completely open the chest and enable vitality to stream unreservedly from your heart to your head. This gives more prominent mental clearness and quiets the brain for reflection.

NOW that you are totally into it and pumped up to learn and post it ASAP, here are a few steps you can follow and you will surely have your handstand soon enough. But remember, progression is key.
  1. Be able to do a good amount of Pushups. That’s the first step. Although the Pushup works mostly on your chest on triceps, a good amount of shoulder is also developed. So make sure you are comfortable with doing a good amount of pushups. 20–30 reps at one go at least.
  2. Practice something called the Pike Pushups, its where your legs are on a higher platform and hands on the ground and your body is almost vertical. Do pushups this way for building good shoulder strength.
  3. Ensure that you have a strong core, so make sure to workout on your abs often. Once you wish to progress for handstand you will require a tremendous amount of core strength. There are plenty of abs routines out there, you could try them, but home exercises will suffice such as Hanging Leg Raises, Crunches, and Hip Thrusts etc.
  4. Handstand on the wall will be your next bet. Try to do a handstand with the support of a wall behind you such that once you’re doing the handstand your back will be facing the wall. Keep your feet 3–5 inches away from the wall to avoid your bums hitting it once you kick off. Initially, you will have to practice kicking off the ground and then keeping your feet on the wall. Once you’ve got the hang of it, it should be a piece of cake. Try to be able to hold on to it for at least 30 secs.
  5. Now is the scary part. You will have to try to do your handstand without a wall support. The main thing to remember is to have something known as a Back-Up Plan. This plan is one which ensures that even if you go out of balance, you will be able to land safely in whichever direction. So you need to literally practice kicking off and purposely falling and making sure you know you can land safely. My technique is that once I feel I’m going off balance or am going to probably land on my back, I immediately twist my body to the left and land sidewards. Trying to tuck my legs into my chest and bending one side. Mastering my Back-Up Plan was the best thing which helped me be able to attempt handstands without any fear, which is the most important aspect of it.
  6. You’re almost done. You will realize after some time that the trick to master balancing the handstand is a ton of forearm strength, or in simple words, the strength of your fingers. If your body is leaning forward you press hard on your fingers on to the ground. If you’re bending back the way you came then you will require bending your arms a little to regain the balance.
    Additionally, try to make sure once you’ve kicked off, you flex and tighten your entire lower body (which is currently your upper body: P). All the way from your Glutes (bums) to your thighs and hamstrings. This will help you balance better.
  7. Practice! Practice! Practice!
    It is a move which will require a lot of practice and dedication. You could practice this every day if you want to gain muscle memory and learn the technique and skill. But also, try to give a good amount of breaks on some days so that you let that muscle group recover and you can come back and realize how much stronger you’ve just gotten.
That’s about it! I hope it helped. This is what I practiced to get my handstand :) All the very best to you, keep at it and soon you will be able to get it :)

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