Hidden In Plain Sight - 4 Must Read Mystery Stories

Einstein once said the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom the emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause and stand wrapped in awe is as good as dead, his eyes are closed.

Homo sapiens are intellectually curious beings and the world is permeated with mysteries, great and small. Mystery is unavoidable and is full of confrontation. Future by itself is mysterious, we wake up every morning simply to face this mystery. Human brain by nature works to find out the mysteries of the future, but in modern man’s life the world revolves around fast information technology and busy lifestyles that the thirst for curiosity has vanished, lives have become a routine. To serve this void there is a quick food for the mind “mystery stories”.
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Mystery stories provide us a safe thrill. We can experience the adrenaline rush the character in the story might be going through by simply involving or racking our brains to solve the mystery or match the trail. Readers get to visit places they would never visit otherwise, the most exotic, the most distinct, and the most haunted. Readers get to escape into a fascinating world, which also paves the way to expand their horizon of the worldview. Readers quench their immediate thirst for being a hyper-intelligent sleuth when he/she finds out the clue before the detective does which gives the reader an ego boost and enhances self-esteem and confidence. Human beings constantly try to make sense of the world by connecting bits and pieces of their life experiences. Mystery stories do the same too, thus it also serves as a form of immediate satisfaction for the readers as they gain a new found energy to try and connect their experiences just the way the characters in these mystery stories connect the dots and finally solve the brain-cracking mysteries.

As human beings we don’t accept death as it is, mystery stories help us cope with the psychological and emotional idea of death, by reasoning. Mystery stories have a moral teaching of good always precedes evil, wherein the concept of justice is well explained. Mystery stories hold the reader’s attention until the end since it keeps the reader's curiosity at the highest level, by providing constant need to solve the puzzle. Mystery story is not served on a platter like other themes, it is not simply reading and enjoying the fantasy world that is created but it is constantly making use of our logic and deduction skills to try and solve the case or puzzle to ensure we solve it before the story ends, and finally when it does end, the story gives us a sort of mental satisfaction as readers if we happen to solve it or else we, try harder and are intrigued and intimidated, which ultimately leads us to read another mystery story until we are ahead of the story and its turns and trenches.
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Mystery Short stories have become very popular in the modern world because of its brevity. Serves perfectly well to a generation of humans that simply rely on nothing but speed and fast delivery of results.
During the time when there was a decline in short story fiction publication, a magazine, called the Ellery queens mystery magazine became very popular from then on it has never gone down the chart. This magazine specializes in detective fiction short stories and mystery fiction short stories. Thus, showcasing how powerful a theme, is ‘mystery’ under the literary form of short stories.
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Here is a compilation created by the works of four prominent writers that have a major influence on the contemporary writers. The authors whose works that I have chosen to create a list; for the readers are H.G.Wells, Guy De Maupassant, Edgar Allan Poe and W.W.Jacobs.

Some of these authors have created a niche for themselves in the world of mystery but authors like H.G Wells who is usually known for his first novel ‘The Time Machine’ is not a conventional mystery writer. Wells produced a series of science fiction novels which pioneered our ideas of the future. His later work focused on satire and social criticism. Wells laid out his socialist views of human history in his Outline of History. But on the other hand, works by writers like Edgar Allan Poe is the face of crime mystery fiction in the contemporary world.
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It is a vivid collection as it has writers from all spheres and themes. Thus avoiding the bias that could be created. Their contributions to the mystery as a theme may not be phenomenal but their works for sure do require a mention as these stories simply define my article title.


THE RED ROOM by H.G. Wells

HORLA by Guy de Maupassant

MONKEY’S PAW by W. W. Jacobs


These writings are well balanced and are simply a portrayal of how mystery as a theme finds relevance in our world. This vintage collection can serve as a brilliant resource providing readers with a simple collection for reading, analyzing or even attempting to write a mystery fiction short story.

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