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The Lure Of The Marathon

The marathon is the ultimate goal for so many runners. It's the closest most causal athletes and weekend warriors will ever come to professional sports. Where else can an accountant, a stay at home mom, a salesman, line up with the most elite athletes in the world and go all out in a test of will and strength unmatched in other hobbies?

The answer is simple; nowhere else. For most of us it's not about the running, it's about the all-out test of personal will power over months of training and hours of running coming to an apex at a single event that pushes the limits of human endurance.

Picking The Right Marathon Training Schedule

Finding the right marathon training schedule can as easy as downloading one off of a popular running site or as complex as having a distance running coach create one from scratch for you. And the price can run the gamete between free and several hundred dollars (sometimes per month) depending on the method. 

One sure fire way to make sure the marathon program you are following is right for you is to write your own.

To write your own marathon training schedule requires a few critical pieces of information:

First: How much time do you have? You really need to write the program in reverse. Starting with a few 20-mile training runs at least two weeks before your event and working backward from there.

Second: Closely related to the first is to determine where you are at in your fitness level. If you regularly run 25-30 miles per week and can hammer out 10 or so with no problem then you don't have nearly as much work to do as the person who runs the occasional 3 milers a couple of times a week.

Marathon Training

How Many Miles?

marathon trainingMost programs will have runners completing runs up to 20 miles in length. Rarely does a trainer go over the 20-mile mark when undergoing normal training. However, during these final weeks when one is running upward of 20 miles in a single run there may also be four or five other runs to complete that week. On my site, you can find some more guides if you're interested.

The goal, depending on which marathon training schedule you follow, is to run upwards of 40-70 miles per week in the weeks leading up to your marathon

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